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Pastor Kevin Gerald’s Sermon 24, June, 2012

Forces that Form Your Future.
Pastor Kevin taught us a few things we should take note of in order to shape our future.
For instance, our present life would be different if our relationship, sowing, thought and belief had been different.
Hence, our future is determined by our present thought and action.

Pastor Kevin taught three examples of forces in order to form a great future.

1.) Force of Belief
We might have the right intention but with the wrong belief… and the result might be bad.
For instance, one might be the recipient of Nobel Prize in Peace.
Yet, if he absolutely believe that  red traffic light means go and green traffic light means stop, he might endanger himself and others.
Belief is one of the cores of life.
If our belief is wrong, for instance if we believe God is so distant, then we will have miserable life.
On the other hand, if our belief is right, then we will have fantastic life.
And this is the right belief: God cares every single detail in our life and He really loves us.

2.) Force of Habit
There is an organ in our brain which records our activity and helps us repeat the same thing again and again.
Thank God for it as we can just drive cars without even thinking too much.
Cultivating a good habit ensures a great future.
A champion has a champion’s habit.

3.) Force of Dream
Dream is a faith picture.
Joshua and Caleb kept holding on their dream: to enter into Promised Land.
No matter how difficult the circumstance is, we should keep holding on our dream.
In fact, City Harvest itself was birthed out of Pastor Kong’s dream.

As for me, I once thought of God as a distant God due to plenty disappointment experience.
Nevertheless, now I feel so close to Him.
There is this dream of mine which is yet to come to pass. I believe God will make it happen Smile

Interesting sermon, isn’t it? Get a copy of it in The Ink Room today Smile

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