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Thought of the Day: Quick Judgment + Abortion due to Anomaly

Very often, we are pretty quick in judging others.
Using what we see at that moment or what we hear, we quickly charge others of doing wrong.
The danger is, like what I wrote earlier, the conclusion can be wrong due to partial story.
This video is a good example to it.
A very good message: Don’t judge quickly. We won’t

Some time back, I read a news on Straits Times about a pregnant mother who decided to terminate her pregnancy.
Apparently, the baby had no skull, a condition known as anencephaly.
You can read the story here:

A thought popped up in my mind: what would I do if I were that pregnant woman?
Would I continue until full term pregnancy? Or, would I abort that baby?

It is a tough decision. But I guess, I would still carry it on.
The reason is because God can still do a miracle. Who knows a few weeks later the skull comes up?
After all, God created life in the beginning. It will be a snap for Him to just create a skull.
But if God decides, in His sovereignty, that the baby should pass away, then I would let the baby pass away naturally in my womb.
(Technically speaking, I would then need to go through daily check up as I would not to take too long to have the passed away baby out of my womb).

Just a tentative thought.
At the moment, it is not the issue of right and wrong.
Again, it is a tough decision, after all.

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There is Always Side Story to Evidence And Fact

A conversation with a member of academia.

Academia: Your church is in the news.
Jefri: Yeah, I know.
Academia: They found the evidence.
Jefri: Fact is not fact by itself. It depends on how one interprets it. There is always side story.
Academia: If you kill someone, that means you kill someone. The dead body is there.
Jefri: If I say he tries to kill me first?
Academia: Ah, self defense.
Jefri: Yup.
Academia: You will make a good lawyer.

It is well known that in the court, both the defense and prosecutors may use the same evidence.
However, they interpret it differently using different framework. And eventually, they arrive at totally different conclusion!
Another clearer example is creationist vs evolutionist. Both scientists use the same evidence but they end up with opposing conclusion.

In addition to that, there is always side story.
That is why it is important to listen to both parties to make sound and unbiased judgment.
After all, there is always possibility to access only partial information, both to prosecutor and defense.
Hence, with both parties speaking, the complete picture can be formed.

Just like what the Bible teaches:
”The first one to plead his cause seems right, until his neighbor comes and examines him.” (Proverb 18:17)