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Makeover Session June, 2012

Since a few months ago, two friends (or two image consultants, to be exact) have been encouraging me to change my appearance.
Many times they told me to grow the hair then go for haircut.
They recommended me to purchase nice jeans, clothes and shoes.
Well, initially I was a bit reluctant to that idea.
However, for the sake of impressing the girl I like (Smile with tongue out), I did not mind going for a makeover.

First it was the hair.
One of the bookstore members is a hairstylist.
So, he cut my hair then styled it.
Well, now my hair has some spikes at the back.
I can’t remember exactly how to style it exactly like how he taught me.
Nevertheless, I realize it requires plenty hair wax Smile with tongue out

The last Saturday, it was the fashion session.
The 2 image consultants brought me shopping at Changi City Point.


Smart casual style.


I still do think track shoes are the best shoes for both work and bookstore serving. Still, they told me to get one pair.


Before and after.
Well, at least now I can try to style the hair according to anime character.
Maybe in the future it can be like Cloud Strife FFVII?? Smile with tongue out

Group Dinner 17, June, 2012

A colleague of mine treated the group dinner at Jurong Bird Park Yakiniku restaurant.
It was my first time visiting a smokeless BBQ Yakiniku place.
Quite fun, I should say, to see the process of roasting the meat.
Nevertheless, somehow I prefer eating the cooked meat rather than cooking it Smile with tongue out


But of course, my colleagues put in plenty butter and oil during the roasting.
Hmm, but at least, for the next few days, I ate plenty vegetables to compensate it Smile with tongue out

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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 16, June, 2012

It was a Father’s Day sermon.
Pastor Kong started first with a few jokes regarding fatherhood.
One of it was roughly as follows:

A father brings his 5 kids to a play park (Disneyland, for instance).
He takes part in one game, namely , throwing a dart.
Lucky for him, his dart hits the jackpot when he throws it.
He receives one big teddy bear.
Now, he is confused: which one among his 5 kids will receive the prize?
He then asks them, “Kids, in the home, who always obeys Mom and never makes her angry?”
10 seconds later, all of them answer, “You, Dad”.

It is not easy to be a father. A father should always be ready to sacrifice himself for the family.
(Minato Namikaze was willing to sacrifice his life as he planned to seal Kyubi inside Naruto)
There is one father in the Bible whom is seldom mentioned: Joseph, the earthly father of Lord Jesus.
A few things we can learn from him:

1.) Joseph was a loving father.
The best things a father can do for his children is to love their mother.
It was not easy for Joseph to accept Mary as she was miraculously pregnant.
But in the end, he accepted her and did not divorce her.
He protected Mary and baby Jesus and even passed on his carpentry business to Lord Jesus.

2.) Joseph was a nurturing father.
He was not mentioned often in the Bible, most likely because he died young.
Nevertheless, he redeemed the time. Within his short lifespan, he raised Jesus and other children in the faith in God.

3.) Joseph was a spiritual father.
He was obedient to God when the angels told him to marry Mary.
He promptly went to Egypt even though he must have had no idea how to live in a foreign country.
It goes to show his faith, just like in faith Abraham went to a foreign land.
Joseph was also faithful in his spiritual duties.
He regularly came to the house of God to sacrifice and pray.

Hmm, I am not yet a father. But at least, I can practice out some of the criteria above.
I have to stay obedient to God and always put faith in Him.
I will also love and protect my future girlfriend.

By God’s grace, I want to be a great father in the future!!!

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Attending Funeral Wake

Last Saturday, it was my third visitation to a funeral wake.
A friend’s Dad passed away last Thursday.
There was a problem with his lung and he had diabetes too.
During his last moment, a Pastor visited him, trying to share the Gospel to him.
I heard he had wept when the Pastor had asked him whether he wanted to accept Lord Jesus.
Hmm, although I was not there, I believe that tears really meant that he accepted Lord Jesus.
So, chances are, he is now in heaven, or on ‘Abraham’s bosom’, to be exact.

Recently, I finished reading the book of Job.
His friends initially kept silent as they saw his suffering.
But in the end, they blamed Job for his misfortune.
In return, Job regarded them as the worst comforters in the world.
“If only you were silent,” Job scolded his friends, “you would be regarded as wise.”

Sometimes, it is not good to find the true reason for individual’s suffering.
It might end up with people pointing fingers to one another, just like Job’s case above.
The least we can do, as the Bible instructs, is to

“Rejoice with those who rejoice.
Mourn with those who mourn.”
(Rome 12:15)


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Birthday Celebration 15, June, 2012

A surprise celebration. Initiative from the juniors.


It was after my presentation. Too bad I had to rush through the explanation.
I could have made things simpler to understand. After all, I avoided plenty equation.


Those girls really rock. First they made cakes and then they celebrated my birthday.
This lab will really by very quiet without them.
Should try to persuade them to stay in this lab.

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Saturday’s Happening 16, June, 2012

A lot of things happened yesterday.
I could publish several posts about that day alone.
But at least, here is the summary of it. I will elaborate more on the happening in the next few posts.


Lunch at Changi City Point with two image + fashion consultants. Well, they are too shy so I shall not announce their names Smile with tongue out


My second makeover session. Last week was the haircut, yesterday was the attire.
Announcement: the next makeover session of Jefri shall be held in December!


A Father’s Day celebration in church. I shall be a great father in the future!


Second birthday cake from my CG people. Well, I told them my 2 birthday wishes.


Dinner after church service. A few friends and I were about to attend a funeral wake.
Stay tuned! More crunchy posts are coming!

CG Outing: Bowling Session 14, June, 2012

A unique outing event: girls had their own, guys had their own.
The girls went for dinner, the guys went for bowling (based on voting).
We first had dinner at Jurong East. Afterwards, we walked over to The Chevrons.


The joyous people!


The final score. I scored the lowest Smile with tongue out


A surprise birthday celebration for them. Not the main one, though Smile with tongue out

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