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The Ink Room Duty 7, July, 2012

This time round my team was, team B, on duty.
I arrived late, unfortunately, as I had been tied up at work in the morning “-_-


TIR storage room. Well… so dark.. so romantic!


History is repeated! Busy cashiers handling big crowd Smile with tongue out


Happy people. Happy volunteers.


A new activity. Dinner together at storage room after the duty.
A member bought some noodles and fried rice in the afternoon and we enjoyed them as dinner.
But of course, all food taste nice as long as we are hungry.
The member claimed the receipt from the bookstore as this ministry takes good care of the welfare of the members Winking smile
A new position was invented: pantry IC, whose job is to buy food outside (Expo stuff is expensive Smile with tongue out), to replenish the snacks, and to maintain pantry cleanliness.

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The Ink Room Duty 6, July, 2012

Dr. Robi came to give a 3-days-seminar in City Harvest.
It started on Friday and ended on Sunday.
Saturday team A was in charge of serving on Friday.
I am a part of team A too, so I served with them. However, due to work, I could only serve with them after the seminar.


Three sets of display of Dr. Robi’s products.


The promotion over the weekend. Indeed, The Ink Room provides the best deal in this Great Singapore Sales season!


Before the seminar…


After the seminar!!! Super long queue!
Big crowd! Busy cashiers!
Again, I became a queue marshal  to shorten the queue. Hohoho, I did a good job at that night ;P


This item was on hot demand as Dr. Robi had preached from it.
Some customers were disappointed as its stock ran out.
However, the bookstore managed to stock it up the next day.
Stay tuned!

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Toblerone Gift


The summer research is going to end pretty soon for the juniors.
Last Friday was their last day in the lab.
They gave presentation.. during which I shot them plenty questions! Smile with tongue out
Well, good exercise for them to pay attention to details Smile with tongue out
A surprise: they passed a Toblerone to each of the lab member!
Very nice of them!
Hmm, will they continue working in this lab again this coming semester?? I wonder??

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