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Wedding Invitation + Verse of the Day


The fourth wedding invitation for this year.
This time round, two Indonesian friends are going to settle down.
Am glad for them.


Even in laughter the heart may sorrow,
And the end of the mirth may be grief
-Proverb 14:13, NKJV-

It is said that people who laugh the most
are people who are experiencing the deepest sadness;
and people are the most helpful
are people who need help the most.

Wearing a mask of smile is not a bad idea.
After all, there is possibility that things will eventually get better,
so there should be no need to share the present pain with other people.

That is, if the present pain is still bearable.
If it is unbearable, then..?
Maybe one should shut down his/her emotion to remove the feeling of pain and sorrow?