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Pastor Kong and His Integrity

Pastor Kong has released a statement on the church website.
In short, he emphasized that he had maintained his integrity and he is confident of his vindication.
You can read his statement on the church news paper here:

To me, I am not really surprised by this statement as this is the fourth time I heard it.
The investigation itself began in mid-2010. Pastor Kong was assisted by a team of lawyers.
In around November-December 2010, Pastor Kong made an announcement during the church service.
Basically, according to his lawyers, Pastor Kong did not receive any personal gain from church fund.
It was my first time.
The second was from Pastor Aries. He stated that the church had not lost any money.
Not 24 million, not even 50 million. Furthermore, he stated that Pastor Kong had not got any personal gain.
The third one was during a sermon by Pastor Kong. Again,  he stressed that he did maintain his integrity.

Some people say “innocent until proven guilty”. Some say “In Singapore, it is guilty until proven innocent”.
I choose the former. Yes, I believe in Pastor Kong’s integrity.

Pastor Kong also looks forward to the day when he can explain the fact and circumstance to the court.
Indeed, there is always side story to an apparent fact.
COD has announced the story from their side.
I am looking forward to hearing Pastor Kong’s story.
A clear example from the Old Testament: I may accidentally kill someone but that does not make me a murderer. I simply need to run to the city of refuge and stay there until the death of the high priest.

Some accused Pastor Kong of using church money to buy  a house at Sentosa Cove.
Firstly, I do not know for sure whether he really does have a house there.
Secondly, even if he does, I don’t think he used church money to buy it.
After all, he has a retail business and he is often invited to be a speaker.
Furthermore, whenever the bookstore produces his sermon, the bookstore always gives him the royalty.

Some accused City Harvest members as having a blind faith.
That is, they blindly follow Pastor Kong.
Blind faith is defined as having faith without evidence.
I wonder if they ever realize that their accusation can backfire at them.
That is, there is possibility that they blindly believe CHC members as blind followers.
No clear evidence as of now for both sides, I should say, since the verdict is not out.

The Lord will vindicate Pastor Kong.
Truly, his vindication will come from the LORD Himself, as written in Isaiah 54:17.