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CG Sermon 26, July, 2012

1 Pet 1:3, 6-9
Apostle Peter wrote this epistle to Christians who suffered persecution from non-Christians.
In it, he reminded the church about their hope in Christ Jesus.
There are 4 things we need to know about difficult times:

1.) Trials are controlled by God.
Indeed, in the midst of persecution, we base our hope on the fact that God is in control.
He reigns even when the situation looks bad.

2.) Trials are allowed by God.
God allows them for various reasons.
Maybe God wants our faith to grow, or maybe God wants to us to repent from certain bad behavior.

3.) Trials are never easy.
If it is easy, then it can’t be a test of faith.

4.) Trials come in different forms, shapes and sizes.
God ensures that they are in proportion to our faith.
And, His grace is sufficient for us so we can handle the trials.

Apostle Peter taught 4 things we can do in the midst of suffering (aside from working out the possible solution):

1.) To love Lord Jesus
When we are in the midst of trial and hurt, we should immediately worship Him in true love.

2.) To trust Lord Jesus
We live by faith and not by sight. We should keep believing His promise.

3.) To rejoice in Lord Jesus
He is with us even in the midst of suffering.

4.) To receive from Lord Jesus
As we worship and lift our hands toward Him, we receive miracle and breakthrough from Him.
If we exercise love, faith and rejoicing, we can experience the glory of heaven even in the midst of suffering now!

To me, this sermon is really a turning point.
I was initially downcast and disappointed over failed dreams.
But somehow, God renewed my hope in Him.
He is good and faithful. Surely, my hope shall not be shattered.
Praise the Lord!

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