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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 5, August, 2012

Isaiah, Simon Peter and others had glorious encounter with God.
Encounter shows that God is interested in us.
However, sometimes encounter can be a mild one, for instance, Joseph’s dream of stars, moon and the sun.

The encounter itself is not important. What is important is the follow through after the encounter.
Israelites had the most glorious encounter and miracle with God in the Old Testament.
However, this encounter did not change their lives as they did not understand the purpose behind it.

Acts 9:3-6
Saul saw the glory of God. He encountered Lord Jesus Himself. However, he did not stop there.
Saul followed it through. It took him 14 years before he became an apostle.
During this time, he did not sit idly, boasting about his encounter with God.
He did 3 things after it:

1.) He built an altar of consecration.
This altar is built inside the heart of a believer, exclusively reserved for God.
It is possible to experience God without having a devotion to Him.
Apostle Paul still told his past again and again.
However, he called himself “bond servant/love slave” (Romans 1:1) out of his commitment to God.

2.) He built an altar of prayer.
Saul/Paul was praying while Ananias was about to meet him (Acts 9:11).
Why is prayer so important? Prayer is a symbol of connection, communion and complete surrender to God.
God always shows up in my darkest moment when I pray.

3.) He built an altar of the word of God.
The word of God is the source of faith and rule of conduct. Paul was serious about God’s word (Gal 2:1-2, TLB).
He wanted to ensure his teaching was correct. The way to love Lord Jesus is to love His word.

Pastor Kong mentioned something interesting about meditating on God’s word.
He would recall a verse then think over each it point by point.
Hmm, that is a good idea. I should try it too.

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