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Septian-Cinthya Wedding 4, August, 2012

My fourth wedding invitation this year.
This time round, Indonesian couple, two friends of mine have entered a new chapter in their lives.

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The pastor delivered a very good wedding sermon taken from Luke 24:13-32.
In the road to Emmaus, Lord Jesus appeared to two of his disciples, one of whom was Cleophas.
Some say that they were Cleophas and his wife although it was quite hypothetical.
Yet, the point is this: Lord Jesus was with them.
Similarly, every couple needs Lord Jesus to be third party in their marriage.

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The couple entering into the church auditorium.

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My breakfast and lunch!!
Hmm, who else will invite me this year??

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Housewarming 8, August, 2012

A housewarming gathering in CG leader’s house, somewhere at Punggol Place.

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It was gathering over pizza, KFC, wine, board game and movie.
In particular, we watched Bourne Identity.
Seriously, I am wondering why Bourne always gets amnesia.

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Happy and beautiful people.
Truly CG people are my family!

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