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Keep Reading the Bible. Don’t Worry About Forgetting a Passage or Two

A story which I heard a long time ago.
It illustrates well why Christians should keep reading the Bible even if we may forget a passage or two.
It does not mean we do not try to memorize the verses. We should still try it.
The Holy Spirit will bring into our remembrance the passage which we have read.
But in the case we really forget and the Holy Spirit chooses not to remind us, we should still read the Bible.

A 10 years old kid approaches his 95 years old grandfather and asks, “Grandpa, I see you read the Bible everyday. Do you understand all that is in it?” “Not always, my dear.” “Do you then always remember all the stories in it?” “Not always I can remember them, my dear. Look at how old I am.” “Then, Grandpa, why then do you still read it?” The grandfather smiles. He then asks his grandson, “My dear, there is this very old basket at the corner of the house. We have not used it for very long. Can you bring it over here?” “Sure.” The grandson then brings back an old, dirty and worn out basket. “Now, my dear, there is a river not far from here. Can you bring some water using this basket?” “But, Grandpa, I should carry water using a basket?” “Just try it,” the grandfather smiles. The young boy runs to river and tries to contain water with the basket. But, his effort fails. “Grandpa, I can’t,” he returns to the grandfather. “Oh yeah? You can’t? Try harder. Run faster,” the grandfather still smiles. The young then runs faster to the river and back to the house. Still, his effort fails as water keeps dripping along the way from the basket. “Grandpa, it is no use. Water keeps dripping along the way,” the boy says. “Once again, just try. This time please run even faster,” the grandfather patiently instructs. The boy then runs really fast to the river and back to the house. This third time, water drips and wets the grandfather’s feet. “Grandpa, this is useless,” the boy is about to complain. “Indeed, my dear, you’re right. No one ever carries water using basket as the water will definitely drip. However, it is not useless. Look at the basket.” The boy then realizes that the basket becomes clean! The grandfather then explains, “Our mind may not be able to remember all the passages in the Bible. Yet, God’s word cleanses our mind even if we happen to forget it.”

“… to make her holy and clean, washed by the cleansing of God’s word.”
-Ephesians 5:26, NLT-

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