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The Ink Room Duty 18, August, 2012

Could not take many photos last Saturday as HP battery was dying out.
But at least, here is the glimpse of what happened.


A promotional price for music album by Cindy Cruise Ratcliff.
One music CD costs $15 whereas a bundle of three costs $40.
Pretty good deal, isn’t it?
There was autograph session after the church service.
Well, it was a long queue, but since I was the queue marshal, things went smooth. Compliment me, please Smile with tongue out

180820124822 180820124823 

Celebrated Siona’s and Joyce’s birthday too.
May the LORD grant you all your birthday wishes! Smile

180820124824 180820124825

My dinner after the duty.
A berry nice banana cake from Mommy + sausage cake and doughnut from bookstore team.

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Birthday Celebration 16, August, 2012

Celebrated Kuo Wei’s birthday last Thursday after CG meeting.

160820124816 160820124817 160820124818

The Lord will definitely grant your birthday wish, brother!

160820124820 160820124815

Yummy birthday cake!
Happy birthday!

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