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Book Review XIV: With This Ring I’m Confused


I purchased this book during 23% promotion weekend in church bookstore.
Well, I wanted to learn more about relationship, so I really grabbed several titles including this book.
With This Ring I’m Confused is a novel which presents possible hiccup as one is about to get married.

Ashley and Kevin are planning to tie the knot.
However, Kevin is too occupied with work, leaving Ashley to plan to wedding matrimony. That’s when the problems arise.
Emily (Kevin’s younger sister) and Elaine (Kevin’s mother) try to hijack the wedding plan, much to Ashley’s dismay.
As if it is not enough, Ashley spends so much money on the wedding preparation and even helping her brother to the point that she is broke.
The work pressure escalates as she is promoted to a position she hardly likes.
Not to mention, her ex-boyfriend returns and haunts her.
When she nearly gives up on her dream wedding, Kevin all of sudden takes charge and solves almost all her problems.
Finally, they really get married!!

This book taught me plenty things:

1.) There is boundary when it comes to relationship with family in-laws.
Indeed, in the future I should definitely build a good understanding and communication with family in-laws.
However, when they step beyond the boundary, I should really be honest and communicate things out with cool head.
The principle is clear for the couple: to leave and to cleave.

2.) Money management is very important.
Wedding definitely costs a lot of money. Hence, I should start saving from now.
Indeed, I may receive gift (i.e. hong bao) from the guests.
However, I should not assume that I will get any “profit”.

3.) Past means past.
Ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend is past story.
Even though he/she may return to present time, he/she should start as a normal friend.

4.) Family is more important than career.
This goes without question. Yes, I might be busy with work.
However, I must always set aside quality time with family.
If necessary, I will sacrifice my career for my family.

A very good book.
I am not sure if The Ink Room still has it.
But if it does, do grab a copy of it, ok?

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CG Meeting 23, August, 2012

A wonderful CG Meeting with wonderful people.
We watched video sermon by Pastor Kong and then we prayed for a number of items.
Hmm, I was a bit lethargic during the meeting. No good.
I should be more energetic and enthusiastic next time.

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Celebrated Andrea’s birthday. Happy birthday, Andrea!
May the Lord prosper you in your career!

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The birthday cake and some refreshment Vincent had brought from Taiwan.
Do look forward to the post on CG Sermon, ok?

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