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Photo of the Day: Games August, 2012

Remember Popular voucher which my school passed to me some time back?
I decided to put a good use of it.
After all, if I don’t use it soon, I am afraid I might lose it or I somehow will damage it.
Yesterday was the day I went there and really did retail-therapy.

260820124853 260820124854 260820124855

260820124856 260820124857 260820124858

It turns out that games like the above are quite cheap.
I showed them off to friends last night Smile with tongue out
Well, some of them wanted to borrow (or copy) the games  too.
Hmm, maybe I should advise them to just buy the games from Popular.
Let’s try our best to respect copyright, shall we?

Well, let’s see if I have time to play all these.
I am not done with Warcraft, after all, not when they keep making Custom Campaign.