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The Ink Room Duty 25, August, 2012

Another news on bookstore duty.
Somehow, it is no longer a duty to me. It is more like a delight.
Team A rocks and team B rules.
But this time, the spotlight falls on team A


The refreshment by team A. Hmm, this luxury may not last long when the church moves to Expo.
It’s kinda difficult to arrange the refreshment as the church hall is pretty far from food center.

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New T-shirt products. They really have cool design there!

250820124846 250820124847 250820124848

New arrival. Hmm, one day I should get hold on these titles too.

250820124849 250820124850 250820124852

Then, dinner at Olive Vine!! Yummy!


All of sudden, I was so attached to this little girl. Her name is Amanda and team A gave her a nickname “little princess”.
Hmm, she shall be my daughter then. Hohohoho.

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