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CG Sermon 23, August, 2012

Pastor Kong’s video sermon on The Power of Spiritual Atmosphere.

Mark 6:5-6, Luke 5:17
Two very different accounts.
In the first account, Lord Jesus did not heal many sick people.
In the second account, He healed the sick.
The spiritual atmosphere was different in both occasions.

Spiritual environment is important.
Is there a tangible presence of God in each gathering of Christians?
This is what distinguishes Christians gathering from other normal gathering.
Every church service and cell group meeting should be an encounter, not just a ritual.

There are 5 blessings of spiritual atmosphere:
1.) It sustains our life in Christ.
2.) It presses us closer to God.
3.) It protects us from the evil attacks.
4.) It imparts revelation from God.
5.) It reflects the beauty of Christ.

How do we then usher in the spiritual atmosphere of God?
1.) By desiring Him.
2.) By living in love and unity.
3.) By praying and singing the spirit.

Let’s do our best to draw close and enjoy the encounter with Him, shall we?

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