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Apologetics: Why Lord Jesus Would Never Have a Human Wife

The news reported on the finding of ancient manuscript, pointing that Lord Jesus saying “My wife”

So, was Lord Jesus married to human wife? Or, was He unmarried?
In my opinion, He was not married to any human at all.
His only bride is the church.

It is not the first time such news broke out.
When The Da Vinci Code was first published, many people were surprised upon the possibility of Lord Jesus being married to Mary Magdalene.
If I am not wrong, some gnostic gospel express the same possibility too.
However, The Da Vinci Code itself is a fiction and the gnostic gospels are not canonized due to historical reliability.

What is the requirement of a canonized manuscript?
One of it is the reliability of the writer.
What if one day I write “The Gospel according to Jefri”? Will it be canonized to be the fifth gospel?
Of course not. I am neither an eye witness of Lord Jesus’ earthly ministry nor did I interview any eye witness.
In contrast, Matthew and John were direct disciples of Lord Jesus whereas Mark and Luke interviewed other eye witnesses (most likely Peter as Mark and Luke served together with Peter).

But in my opinion, Lord Jesus would never marry Mary or any other woman due to theological reason.
For the following, I shall not include the Old Testament characters like king David or Abraham.
After he had passed away, did king David go up to heaven/Abraham’s bosom even though Lord Jesus had not yet died?
One theologian said that the blood of Lord Jesus was somehow applied to him.
Complicated, isn’t it?
Hence, I shall just limit the scope of thought to the New Testament era.

In Lord Jesus’ time, He was the only Light in the world. He alone was sinless and ‘righteous’ before God.
His disciples, even though they followed Him and learned from Him, were still sinful. They were not saved because He had not yet died for them.
Peter, John, James and Mary Magdalene and others were still ‘unrighteous’ before God.
Apologetically speaking, if Lord Jesus had married Mary (or any other woman), would Apostle Paul then have taught “Do not be unequally yoked. What do light and darkness have in common”?

During His earthly ministry, Lord Jesus was ‘light’ and the rest of the world was ‘darkness’.
However, after His death and resurrection, all people who have accepted Him become ‘light’ and ‘righteous’ before God.

As for this manuscript on the news, I think we can just wait and see the continuation of the news.
Most likely, just like The Da Vinci Code, all this hype will just fade away.

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