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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 22, September, 2012: Wisdom

Intelligence can be inherited but wisdom can only come from God.
Proverbs 30:24-28
Sometimes, God teaches wisdom through the animals He created.

1.) Ants: preparation
Ants work hard during the summer so they can have plenty food during winter.
It is said, “During summer, think winter.”
We should prepare our future ahead of us.
Children and youth should prepare for adulthood.
Young adult should prepare for marriage and later life stage.
Winter can also speak of eternity.
Hence, we should prepare for our eternity too.

2.) Rock badger: habitation
They are feeble animals.
However, as weak as they are, they make rocks their habitation for protection.
All men and women of God have their weakness.
Yet,  they find protection in Christ, the solid Rock.

3.) Locusts: unification
Satan’s strategy: to divide and conquer.
If the church/family is united, they become unstoppable.
Individually we are weak but together we are like a mighty army of God.

4.) Spiders: determination
Spiders have a desire to be in king’s palaces.
They refuse to quit rebuilding their web even though it is destroyed times and again.
Satan’s strategy: to fill our mind with hopelessness.
Yet, we should cling to God’s promise and refuse to back down.

Hmm, a very applicable sermon to me.
When it comes to myself, I should work hard and prepare for the future.
When it comes to relating with others, I should stay united with them.
When it comes to relating with God, I should abide in Christ forever.

You can download his sermon here:

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