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Pastor Tan’s Sermon 26, October, 2012: Prayer Meeting VIII

After ministry outing last Friday, I went to Jurong West prayer meeting for the first time.
It was planned to be 40 weeks of prayer.
So, it was the eight one which I attended.
Pastor Tan Ye Peng delivered a message on prayer.

Luke 18:1-8
The context of this passage is about the kingdom of God.
A widow persisted in asking a favor from an unjust judge since there was no other judge.
In the  end, the judge gave in to her request.

Lord Jesus taught them that they always ought to pray.
Similarly, we too, should pray and find a spiritual way against adversary.
Widow here represents the elect of God suffering from adversary.
God will then avenge them speedily or, more correctly speaking, suddenly.

Luke 17:25-30
Lord Jesus Himself suffered and yet He prayed.
Like lightning flashes: it is sudden. God suddenly acts.
In the days of Noah: Noah was a righteous man, suffering from the evil men surrounding him.
Times and again he warned them about the flood as he was building the ark. Yet, people mocked at him.
Finally, the day came. God speedily/suddenly avenged him by sending the flood.
In the days of Lot: Lot was a righteous man (2 Pet 2:7) who suffered from the evil of Sodom and Gomorrah people.
Finally, the day came. God suddenly saved him from the rain of sulfur and brimstone.

Luke 18:8
Will Lord Jesus find faith on the earth? What can faith He is looking for?
– Faith to continue praying to the same God.
– Faith that God will answer speedily and suddenly.
– Faith that God shows mercy and exalts us as we humble ourselves (Luke 18:14).
– Faith of little child to believe that coming to Lord Jesus is to enter the kingdom of God (Luke 18:17).
– Faith to believe that the kingdom of God does not come by observation but it is within us (Luke 17:20).

Matt 25:1-10
The foolish virgins might have thought they were wise and then mocked the wise virgins.
The wise virgins might have looked foolish for being overprepared. In the end, they were truly wise.
In the context of prayer, let’s over-pray.
Even when the breakthrough is obvious, keep praying. Do over-pray.

A very nice sermon.
A reminder for me to keep praying even when things go from bad to worse.

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Family Gathering 28, October, 2012

Haven’t had dinner with god-family for quite some time.
Well, I missed the previous family gathering due to absence of event reminder.
I need to be more efficient with event list.

281020125234 281020125236 281020125238

281020125239281020125245  281020125248

281020125247 281020125253 281020125254

Whew, I really ate a lot.
I shared with them some of my burden and they really comforted me.
Thank God for such a wonderful family!


Here are they! (though not all of them are captured in the photos)

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The Ink Room Duty 27, October, 2012

Well, this time I did not manage to take plenty photos during duty.
Too busy with tending the bookstore.
Nevertheless, I felt a sense of fulfillment as I managed to serve the customers.

271020125229 271020125230

Arise and Build T-shirt is back due to popular request from the customers.
The church is about to embark on building season… a season of miracle!


The bookstore replenished popular albums like Abundant Life Ministry and Kari Job album.


Pastor Kevin’s Gerald book has been re-stocked too.


During the 40 week Prayer Meeting season at Jurong West, the bookstore holds a promotion:
50% discount for Pastor Phil’s book “The Art of Prayer”.

Stay tuned for more news from The Ink Room, ok?

The Ink Room Ministry Outing 26, October, 2012

The very first bookstore ministry outing under “The Ink Room” banner.
It was conducted during Hari Raya Haji, a public holiday at Garden by the Bay.
For me, it had been a while since I last exercised.
So, it was a good chance for me to inhale some oxygen and burn some fat.

261020125193 261020125194 261020125195 

261020125216 261020125217 261020125220

The ministry members were divided into several teams.
Mine is blue team. And here are other teams:

261020125200 261020125201

Some minigame to start the outing:
The longest toe nail, the biggest bicep and the shortest smile.

261020125205 261020125207 261020125209

The main game started.
Each team was assigned to take photos of the team in several locations.
Since I was not the main photographer, I could not capture any photos of the location.

261020125221 261020125222 261020125225

Bento dinner at the open field.
I finished two packs of bento. Yay!


The winning team.
I heard they managed to find all the assigned locations.
They received $150 Swensen voucher and free yellow Arise and Build t-shirt.

”I am so going to Swensen! Yay, I saved 7 bucks!” one of them said.
Do look forward to more exciting news from the bookstore ministry, ok?

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SPMS Fire Drill and Lab Cleaning 24, October, 2012

241020125186 241020125188 241020125192

Had this Fire Drill in school last Wednesday.
Well, out of nowhere the fire alarm rang loudly… and immediately we all knew what was going on.
As usual, the people reluctantly walked out of their respective labs to the designated open area.


Yes, you saw it right. They were eating pizza there.

241020125190 241020125191

The announcement from the fire warden.
Do remember where the exit and the fire extinguisher are.


241020125183 241020125184 241020125185

Somehow, water vapor condensed inside the fridge and froze there.
My labmates and I worked hard to remove the ice.
We hammered it.. yes we really hammered the ice (think of someone digging the ice during winter).
We collected a few kgs of ice blocks which we then disposed into the sink.
Well, the condensation and freezing are unavoidable, apparently.
It looks like it will be some yearly cleaning.

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A Firm Foundation

Had this discussion with friends some time back.
A rich father does not want to automatically pass his inheritance to his son.
In order for his son to receive it, he has to qualify for it.
Some qualification the father has set: the son is minimum 35 years old, is married, has kids and is relatively successful in work.
The father does not want to pass the wealth when his son is not ready.

We had that discussion to illustrate the importance of a firm spiritual foundation before one builds on it.
The foundation is like a qualification.
Before a builder builds a building, the foundation has to be strong.
Before the father passes the inheritance, the son has to qualify for it.

Many times God has not granted the prayer of His children because they are not ready for it.
Maybe, God sees they are not spiritually ready to receive the blessing; their foundation is not strong enough.
Well, one of my many prayers has not been granted, maybe God considers me as not ready at the moment.

Reminder to self:
Just wait on, trust and obey God.



Talking about foundation of a building, that kinds of reminding me about hair too.
Hair root is not that deep, really.
Hence, if the hair is too long, it is very difficult to make it stand (unless one is skillful in using hair wax).
The root can only support short hair to make it stand.

Reminder to self:
Do haircut regularly.

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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 20, October, 2012: Discipleship

Discipleship was the heart of Lord Jesus’s ministry.
After His ascension, He entrusted the world to His disciples (Matt 28:18-20)
His disciples then were to make more disciples.

There are 3 levels of discipleship:
a.) Buddy system. It works as accountability partner.
b.) Mentoring. This is where ministry leader imparts skill and knowledge to the members.
c.) Spiritual father. This is the true discipleship in which the disciple’s value and attitude are challenged and tuned.

1 Cor 4:15
It is easy to find mentors. However, it is difficult to find a spiritual father.
Apostle Paul, for instance, was an example of a spiritual father.
Mentors are seasonal, a discipler/spiritual father is lifelong.
We can outgrow mentors spiritually, but not disciplers.

Pastor Kong has Pastor Yonggi Cho as his discipler.
How did Pastor Kong become Pastor Cho’s disciple?
– He loves Pastor Cho’s message and ministry.
– He loves Pastor Cho’s life philosophy.
– He loves Pastor Cho’s Christian value.
– He loves Pastor Cho as a person.
– There was some chemistry between Pastor Kong and Pastor Cho, enabling them to become spiritual father-son.
– He does not lust after Pastor Cho’s spiritual gifts.
– He loves whom Pastor Cho loves (friends, family members, etc).
– He wants to build a relationship with Pastor Cho.
– He tries to encourage Pastor Cho.

At the right place and time, God will bring discipler to a Christian.
A good father loves unconditionally and stays humble.
He isn’t threatened by disciple’s success.

A disciple is familiar with discipler’s value and life philosophy.
He/she is sensitive to the discipler’s habit and enjoys his/her time with the discipler.
When appropriate, he/she will share burden with the discipler and ask for wisdom.
He/she knows when to stop talking when the discipler speaks.
In all circumstance, he/she asks a very important question: ”Have I blessed my father today?”

Hmm, as of know, I have not found any spiritual father.
Maybe it is because I am not ready: it is still not God’s time.
Nevertheless, I should keep trying to grow in God


Enjoy his sermon here:

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Fake Smile

Sai fake smile-b

I have been so tired and confused with labwork nowadays.
As such, somehow I feel irritated rather easily.
No good.
Gotta keep my cool.

Found this method: fake smile.
By forcing my mouth to smile, it somehow affected my mood too.
I felt calmer even though I was tired.
Of course, one cannot smile and frown at the same time.

Sai, a character in Naruto series, is an expert in making a fake smile.
He did it to both his friends and foes.
A nice quote by him:

A smile can get you out of tough situation, even if it is fake.

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Soundtrack of the Day: Final Fantasy VII!!

A very old game, yet it is so memorable.
Cloud Strife suffered from a major memory shock.
Initially, he thought of himself as an elite SOLDIER.
In the end, he regained his true identity.
His Omnislash is really deadly.
Hope you like the soundtracks too Smile

Boss battle theme.

Riding on airplane!

Chocobo racing!

A very happy song Smile

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The Ink Room Duty 20, October, 2012

Well, this time it is just half duty with team A.
Yup, served in the bookstore after the church service.
Quite a number of noticeable changes in the bookstore, I should say, especially on the bookshelves.
I’ll see what team B can do next duty.

201020125175 201020125176 201020125177

201020125178 201020125179

Very tasty pastry for the hungry team members.
We collected feedback at the end of the duty… over food Smile with tongue out


We celebrated Jeffery’s birthday too.
He is my regular hairstylist too.

Next week the bookstore will conduct an outing for the whole ministry.
Do look forward to the juicy news, ok?

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