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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 29, September, 2012: The Spirit of Faith

City Harvest Church is now about to enter Arise and Build season.
A season of miracle. As the members build God’s House, God will build their house.
The theme of Arise of Build is the House of Glory.
How to build the House of Glory? By having faith in God.
That’s the theme of the first sermon.

2 Cor 4:13; Ps 116:10
David and Paul had the same spirit of faith as they experienced affliction.
No matter what age we are in, God expects us to have the same spirit of faith too.

2 Cor 4:16
Inward man is strengthened day by day.
Spirit of faith looks beyond the temporary; it looks at the eternal.

Pilots are trained to understand their instruments, especially when fog/turbulent obstructs their sight.
While their senses are subjective, their instrument is objective.
Hence, they can take control of the airplane even when they can’t see the horizon.
Similarly, we may not be able to see far in life.
Yet, the instrument, God’s Word, can instruct us what to do.

We are not just to confess our faith; we are to profess it.
There is a difference between professional golfers and amateurs.
Professional golfers make their living from it.
Similarly, the just are to profess faith; they live by faith.

However, believing itself is not enough.
We need to speak it out.

Mark 11:22-23
We need to have faith in God.
Mountain here refers to any problem too big for us.
For every believing, there should be speaking 3 times more.

Speech center exercises control over the whole body.
If you want to change something, speak it first.
God created the universe through His word.

Coyote is attracted to the sound of wounded rabbit.
Similarly, when we speak negative things, devils will come.
Conversely, when we speak positive things, angels will come.

Previous North Korean leader was feared and respected throughout the world.
Whenever he spoke, the whole world wanted to know.
Reason? He stored nuclear bomb. He had some ‘power’ in him.
Similarly, we carry authority as believers as the Holy Spirit is in us.
Our word is important as it carries power.

Abram was so discouraged times and again as he could not have a son.
Yet, he decided not to give up.
By changing his name to Abraham, he kept hearing the voice of faith.

A very inspiring sermon.
You can download his sermon here:

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