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Asian Network for Natural and Unnatural Materials II 3-5, October, 2012

Yooo, school is soooo generous.
As usual, session like this is just a session with free food for students like me Smile with tongue out
Even students who are not related to chemistry came and grabbed their share.
Well, in a way they helped the organizers clean the extra food.
We must not waste food, must we?

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031020125086 031020125087 031020125088

031020125089 031020125092 051020125102

Imagine how much money I could save in these 3 days???


At least I did my part, ok? I was one of the poster presenters. At least 7 people asked me about my project.
Very good. I contributed to scientific community.


Guess what the ratio of professors to students is during food session??


My sleeping pill.
Not forgetting to mix it water 1 to 3. The more water, the better.

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