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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 6, October, 2012: Spiritual Warfare

John 14:30
As Lord Jesus stated, Satan is the ruler of this world. However, he has nothing in Him.
Satan gains foothold through sin. Since He is sinless, Satan has no foothold in Him.
In fact, Lord Jesus has dethroned him.
As believers, we receive authority from Him to fight him too.

James 4:7
We resist the devil and he will flee away in terror.
God does not do the resisting for us; we do the resisting for ourselves.
The devil is known as Beelzebul, which means ‘lord of flies’.
If we do not resist the devil, he will send flies and invest maggots, causing spiritual blindness.

Dan 10:12-13
Spiritual warfare is real.
The angel was about to meet Daniel. However, evil spirits hindered him.
In the end, Michael the archangel defeated them and the angel could meet Daniel.

The evil spirits were known as ‘kings of Persia’.
For every territory, there is either a divine angel or fallen angel in charge over it.
In fact, Michael is in charge of the territory of Israel.
Unless the evil spirit is bound, no revival can happen.

Mark 4:39
When Lord Jesus calmed the storm, He was actually addressing to a demonic personality.
The demon tried to kill Him and the disciples using the storm.
Even Pastor Kong struggled against an evil spirit at the dawn of Suntec announcement.

2 Cor 10:3-5
Another battlefield is in mind.
When the devil puts negative thought in us, it can become a stronghold.
He did it to Adam, Eve, Judas and Ananias.

Satan is known as the deceiver, tempter and accuser.
There are 3 weapons against him:
– the Word of God (e.g. Lord Jesus kept saying ‘It is written’ when the devil tempted Him)
– the name of Lord Jesus (He delegated authority to us to cast out demons. Mark 16:17-18. This is the power of attorney)
– the blood of Lord Jesus (Through His blood, we are forgiven, righteous, sanctified and become the temple of the Holy Spirit)

How do we release these weapons? Through our mouth. Do we really believe in what God says?
Through our prayer, praise, profession and prophecy, we release the weapons.
Even our conversation is important as both God and the devil will hear.
When we speak blessing and deliverance, they will truly come.

Indeed, let’s be thoughtful and careful in our word, shall we?
It can unleash the weapon to resist the devil.
You can listen to Pastor Kong’s sermon here:

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