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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 20, October, 2012: Discipleship

Discipleship was the heart of Lord Jesus’s ministry.
After His ascension, He entrusted the world to His disciples (Matt 28:18-20)
His disciples then were to make more disciples.

There are 3 levels of discipleship:
a.) Buddy system. It works as accountability partner.
b.) Mentoring. This is where ministry leader imparts skill and knowledge to the members.
c.) Spiritual father. This is the true discipleship in which the disciple’s value and attitude are challenged and tuned.

1 Cor 4:15
It is easy to find mentors. However, it is difficult to find a spiritual father.
Apostle Paul, for instance, was an example of a spiritual father.
Mentors are seasonal, a discipler/spiritual father is lifelong.
We can outgrow mentors spiritually, but not disciplers.

Pastor Kong has Pastor Yonggi Cho as his discipler.
How did Pastor Kong become Pastor Cho’s disciple?
– He loves Pastor Cho’s message and ministry.
– He loves Pastor Cho’s life philosophy.
– He loves Pastor Cho’s Christian value.
– He loves Pastor Cho as a person.
– There was some chemistry between Pastor Kong and Pastor Cho, enabling them to become spiritual father-son.
– He does not lust after Pastor Cho’s spiritual gifts.
– He loves whom Pastor Cho loves (friends, family members, etc).
– He wants to build a relationship with Pastor Cho.
– He tries to encourage Pastor Cho.

At the right place and time, God will bring discipler to a Christian.
A good father loves unconditionally and stays humble.
He isn’t threatened by disciple’s success.

A disciple is familiar with discipler’s value and life philosophy.
He/she is sensitive to the discipler’s habit and enjoys his/her time with the discipler.
When appropriate, he/she will share burden with the discipler and ask for wisdom.
He/she knows when to stop talking when the discipler speaks.
In all circumstance, he/she asks a very important question: ”Have I blessed my father today?”

Hmm, as of know, I have not found any spiritual father.
Maybe it is because I am not ready: it is still not God’s time.
Nevertheless, I should keep trying to grow in God


Enjoy his sermon here:

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