A Firm Foundation

Had this discussion with friends some time back.
A rich father does not want to automatically pass his inheritance to his son.
In order for his son to receive it, he has to qualify for it.
Some qualification the father has set: the son is minimum 35 years old, is married, has kids and is relatively successful in work.
The father does not want to pass the wealth when his son is not ready.

We had that discussion to illustrate the importance of a firm spiritual foundation before one builds on it.
The foundation is like a qualification.
Before a builder builds a building, the foundation has to be strong.
Before the father passes the inheritance, the son has to qualify for it.

Many times God has not granted the prayer of His children because they are not ready for it.
Maybe, God sees they are not spiritually ready to receive the blessing; their foundation is not strong enough.
Well, one of my many prayers has not been granted, maybe God considers me as not ready at the moment.

Reminder to self:
Just wait on, trust and obey God.



Talking about foundation of a building, that kinds of reminding me about hair too.
Hair root is not that deep, really.
Hence, if the hair is too long, it is very difficult to make it stand (unless one is skillful in using hair wax).
The root can only support short hair to make it stand.

Reminder to self:
Do haircut regularly.

Posted October 27, 2012 by Jefri Yue Fei 吴岳飞 in Thought

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