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The Ink Room Ministry Outing 26, October, 2012

The very first bookstore ministry outing under “The Ink Room” banner.
It was conducted during Hari Raya Haji, a public holiday at Garden by the Bay.
For me, it had been a while since I last exercised.
So, it was a good chance for me to inhale some oxygen and burn some fat.

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261020125216 261020125217 261020125220

The ministry members were divided into several teams.
Mine is blue team. And here are other teams:

261020125200 261020125201

Some minigame to start the outing:
The longest toe nail, the biggest bicep and the shortest smile.

261020125205 261020125207 261020125209

The main game started.
Each team was assigned to take photos of the team in several locations.
Since I was not the main photographer, I could not capture any photos of the location.

261020125221 261020125222 261020125225

Bento dinner at the open field.
I finished two packs of bento. Yay!


The winning team.
I heard they managed to find all the assigned locations.
They received $150 Swensen voucher and free yellow Arise and Build t-shirt.

”I am so going to Swensen! Yay, I saved 7 bucks!” one of them said.
Do look forward to more exciting news from the bookstore ministry, ok?

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