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Fake Smile

Sai fake smile-b

I have been so tired and confused with labwork nowadays.
As such, somehow I feel irritated rather easily.
No good.
Gotta keep my cool.

Found this method: fake smile.
By forcing my mouth to smile, it somehow affected my mood too.
I felt calmer even though I was tired.
Of course, one cannot smile and frown at the same time.

Sai, a character in Naruto series, is an expert in making a fake smile.
He did it to both his friends and foes.
A nice quote by him:

A smile can get you out of tough situation, even if it is fake.

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Soundtrack of the Day: Final Fantasy VII!!

A very old game, yet it is so memorable.
Cloud Strife suffered from a major memory shock.
Initially, he thought of himself as an elite SOLDIER.
In the end, he regained his true identity.
His Omnislash is really deadly.
Hope you like the soundtracks too Smile

Boss battle theme.

Riding on airplane!

Chocobo racing!

A very happy song Smile

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The Ink Room Duty 20, October, 2012

Well, this time it is just half duty with team A.
Yup, served in the bookstore after the church service.
Quite a number of noticeable changes in the bookstore, I should say, especially on the bookshelves.
I’ll see what team B can do next duty.

201020125175 201020125176 201020125177

201020125178 201020125179

Very tasty pastry for the hungry team members.
We collected feedback at the end of the duty… over food Smile with tongue out


We celebrated Jeffery’s birthday too.
He is my regular hairstylist too.

Next week the bookstore will conduct an outing for the whole ministry.
Do look forward to the juicy news, ok?

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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 13, October, 2012 Our Authority in Christ

Eph 1:16-23; 2:1-6
Apostle Paul was praying that the church would have the spirit of wisdom and revelation.
Lord Jesus is now seated at the right hand of the Father, which is a place of authority.
God the Father has raised us up together with Lord Jesus and we are seated with Him too.
Hence, we have the authority like Christ Jesus.
This authority is exerted in spiritual realm. We can only exercise this authority in Christ Jesus.

A police officer has limited physical strength.
By raw strength alone, a police can never stop a moving truck.
However, he only needs to lift up his hand; no matter how fast the truck moves, it has to stop.
There is authority delegated to him.

According to the verses above, Lord Jesus is seated far above in the heavenly realms.
Since we are seated with Christ, we too are seated far above in the heavenly realms.
We are far above Satan’s place.
God expects us to exercise authority over demons.

Matt 28:18-19, Mark 16:15-18.
The authority belongs to Jesus Christ. And yet, He has delegated it to us.
We are to cast out demons; it is no longer Christ’ work.

James 4:7
Resist the devil and he will run away in terror. We do the resisting, not God.
This authority is not related to feeling. Even if we don’t feel anything, we still carry that authority.

1 Pet 5:8-9
Our adversary is not human flesh; it is the devil. We are to resist him in faith.
We may not feel victorious in resisting him, but Satan always recognizes this authority.

Gen 1:28
God commanded us to have dominion. Hence, we are to exercise authority in life.
Dominion = the right to command.
It is released through words: prayer, praise, prophecy and profession.

Luke 10:19
We are not afraid of Satan’s power.
Whatever Satan says, we match it with God’s word.

Phil 2:9-11
Lord Jesus is the King of kings and the Lord of lords.
Yet, He came to serve us all.
In order to exercise authority, we should walk in humility.

Didn’t manage to catch the sermon last week?
You can download it here:

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CG Sermon 11, October, 2012

1 Pet 4:1-2, 12-17
We are called to share in the fellowship in His suffering, suffering for His righteousness’ sake.
Suffering always comes in a bundle.
It can come in the form of disappointment, painful obedience, separation from friends or persecution.
An example of righteous suffering commonly experienced by City Harvest Church members:
the public always ridicules them whenever they embark on the building project.

Three truths about suffering:

1.) Suffering develops character.
God always makes sure we grow up.
He cares more about our character than our comfort.

2.) Suffering draws us closer to God.
When we suffer, we draw close to God as we need His breakthrough.
Through suffering, we will see God’s glory.

3.) Trusting God in the midst of suffering (v.19).
In the midst of trial, we should commit ourselves to God.

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Book Review XV: What Wives Wish Their Husbands Knew About Women


A book I purchased during 23% discount sale in church.
I was so hungry to know about relationship, hence I grabbed plenty titles during the season.
Hope you like the review on this book.

Dr. James Dobson understood the importance of women in today’s society.
He regretted the lack of respect given to homemaker, a housewife.
The role of a woman as a mother and wife is really enormous and it carries big responsibility.
Many times, a wife does not receive any support from her husband in carrying out this role.
Hence, she may experience depression.

Dr. Dobson conducted a survey among women to find out the source of depression.
He identified the sources and then he offered some answers.
In addition to that, he gave some tips on what the husbands can do to help their wives
(provided the husbands read this book, something that Dr. Dobson himself has doubt on).

1.) Low self esteem
It is feeling of loneliness, having no one to talk to; of being ugly and sexually unattractive; of failure as a wife and mother.
Some women choose to withdraw as they do not want to get ridiculed whereas some others will fight to prove their worth.
For those suffering from low self esteem, the solution Dr. Dobson is one: the women should realize that they are equal to men;
that feminine role as a mother and wife is full of dignity as how God intended it to be.

2.) Fatigue and Time Pressure
Nowadays, “to-do list” has become longer and tighter.
Time pressure has made parents spend little time with their children.
Dr. Dobson recommended husband to understand their wives’ struggle.
If possible the couple should hire a domestic helper.
In all cases, the husband/wife should learn to gracefully say “no” to avoidable busyness.

3.) Loneliness, isolation, boredom and absence of romantic love in marriage
A husband doesn’t generally depend on his wife as primary shield against inferiority.
He derives self esteem from being respected, something he can get from workplace.
On the other hand, fulltime housewife derives self esteem from being loved, mainly from her husband as she may be isolated from others.
While a husband might approach a marriage like a business partnership, a wife longs to be his special sweetheart.
The solution to this is found in the Bible: the husband is the cheer his wife up and to love her (Deut 24:5, Eph 5:28-33).

4.) Financial difficulty
Dr. Dobson recommended a reevaluation on the family spending.
The couple should not invest lives on worthless materialism, both in the original expenditure and the subsequent maintenance.
Earthly existence only has meaning has one lives a life of serving God, invests in other people’s lives and nurtures a loving family.

5.) Sexual problem
God designed sexual intercourse as a mean of communicating commitment and to bring pleasure.
There is difference, however, between sex for men and for women.
Sex for men is mainly physical thing whereas sex for women is emotional experience.
Hence, unless the wife feels a certain closeness to her husband, she will not enjoy sexual encounter with him.
Several ways the husband can help their wife overcome this sexual problem: to improve the romantic element, not to demand that his wife experience orgasm, to pay attention to the geography and technique of intercourse, and to always uphold his wife’s self esteem.

6.) Menstrual and psychological problem.
Women’s self esteem is related to estrogen level.
They may feel more depressed and irritable before menstruation than in the midcycle.
Lack of estrogen affects their psychological and physical problem.
If necessary, Dr. Dobson recommended hormonal therapy to women experiencing menopause.

7.) Problem with children
Both father and mother contribute to the development of their children.
Child care center is not a substitute of parents’ responsibility.
A husband must provide full support to his fulltime housewife.

8.) Aging
Old age may be an experience filled with loneliness, sickness and low self esteem.
Fortunately, for Christians, there is hope of eternal life beyond the grave.
In her old age, a wife needs the same love and respect she received from her husband when she was younger.

A very thoroughly written book.
It has taught me many things about women and prepared me for my future family.
I am not sure if The Ink Room bookstore still has this title in stock.
But if it does, do get a copy of it, ok?
I’d like to end this review with a quote from this book:

What do women most want from their husbands?
It is the assurance that “hand and hand we’ll face the best and worst life has to offer-together.”

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The Ink Room Duty 13, October, 2012

Back to my very own team: team B!!!!
We had almost full attendance last Saturday.
Very good. Didn’t happen for a long time Smile with tongue out

131020125157 131020125158 131020125159

Lunch first at McCafe to energize the body. Not nice to serve with empty tummy.


A new product was on sale: Arise and Build T-shirt.
Limited edition at S$13.90. It is all sold out, though.
But, maybe the bookstore will bring in more this weekend?
This one was given to me by Audrey jie.
Thanks a lot, jie!


Celebrated the birthday of some bookstore members.
Happy birthday, Ida! Jorim! Stella!

131020125171 131020125172

Some beancurd and noodle after duty.
Whew, since I was hungry, the beancurd tasted so heavenly!
Team A, I am coming this Saturday!

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