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Sermon Review XXVI: Sermon on the Mount CD 18 The Lord’s Prayer






Matt 6:7
The Pharisees prayed because it was a chance for them to show off their praying skills.
They diverted prayer from the glory of God to their own glory.
The pagans changed prayer from intimacy with God to mere recital of words.
God hates vain repetition because our heart is not in them.
Lord Jesus is not against repeating ourselves in prayer. He prayed the same words three times in the Gethsemane.
He is against vain repetition, repeating words without thinking.
God does not want any prayer where the heart and mind are not engaging.
We pray both in spirit and in understanding.
God is looking for quality in prayer, not quantity. God is relational and wants a relationship with us.
He is our wonderful Father and He knows our needs. If God knows everything, why do we need to pray?
The more we pray, the more we long after God. The more we pray, the stronger our faith becomes as we exercise more in trusting His promise.
When we pray, we get the mind of God; we are less stressed out.

The prayer of a Christian should be genuine, real and sincere. It is not mindless words.
What is a model of prayer? Lord Jesus explained it in the Lord’s prayer.

1.) Our.
It is corporate prayer. We are part of body of Christ. Private prayer is not enough. There has to be corporate prayer too. The place of agreement is the place of power.

2.)  Father.
God is personal. He is not a strange God. He loves us.

3.) Heaven.
All authority belongs to Him as He is the Creator. Our personal God is great, hence we come with humility. Because He so loves us, we come with devotion. Because He is powerful, we come with confidence. God’s concern becomes our priority.
Some people treat God like vending machine. They have no concern for God’s glory.
In this prayer, the first part is God’s part. Second part is our part.

4.) Hallowed be Your name.
God’s name reveals His character. We are concerned with how people think of God.
We want the world to think of God as the holy God.

5.) Your Kingdom come.
He owns the whole universe yet He does not force His way to anyone’s live.
We invite God to rule over our life. Lord Jesus is both Savior and King.
We obey every word He says.

6.) Your will be done on earth.
We need to align our will to God’s will. God’s will is done in heaven. However, we pray that His will in heaven be manifested on earth. The more we pray, the clearer His will will be to us. 4 areas in which we pray His will be done: ourselves, our family, our church, our nation.

7.) Our bread
We move from God’s concern to His concern. We depend on His provision.
We pray for health and career.
Just because He provides, it does not mean we idle around.
God provides the power and we do the earning of money.

8.) Daily
We depend on God always. Even when the deal is signed, we still need to pray all the time.
We acknowledge His Lordship to guide us.

9.) Our debts.
Just as food is indispensable to body, forgiveness is indispensable to our soul.
We are still contaminated with fleshly desire.
Just like we bathe daily, we confess our sin to God every day.

10.) Debtors.
We mess up with God every once in a while. There are others also who mess up with us.
God will only forgive those who are truly repentant. But the ones who are truly repentant will have a forgiving spirit. If God can forgive but we can’t, we make ourselves greater than God.

11.) Do not lead us into temptation.
God does not tempt us. Satan does.
It is a figure of speech = a double negative, the opposite is true.
It means lead us into righteousness.
We will be tempted in lives. It is difficult to escape it.
However, God allows it for us to build spiritual muscles. He gives us power to overcome it.

There are three areas here: bread (material needs), forgiveness (spiritual needs), and morality.
The Triune God provides them: God the Father created bread for us, God the Son died to save us from sin, God the Holy Spirit empowers us to live a righteous life.

12.) Doxology (kingdom, power, glory).
God is the sovereign Ruler over the universe. God is all-powerful. God is the Most High, the Greatest.

Since God is for us, what is there to worry?

True Christian prayer is God-centered and thought –through.
Samson was the strongest man. And yet, he never delivered Israel from the oppressor.
The only prayer he made was when he asked God to bless his revenge.
The secret to his strength was his long hair.
We, too, may have talents like Samson.
The longer we pray, the stronger we are in Him.
However, once we let the world (career, etc) shave off our prayer life, we will accomplish so little.

Samson lost his eyes = we lose vision once we stop praying.
Nevertheless, his hair grew back = we can start the prayer all over again.

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