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City Harvest Church Christmas Drama 2012 Because It’s Christmas

241220125569 241220125570 241220125571

City Harvest Church drama team put up a very good performance.
It was so inspiring and heartwarming.
The photos above were taken at the very last day of performance.
We gave them superb standing ovation.

A lesson learnt for me from the quote in the drama:
”Children grow up very fast. Before you know it, you have missed their growing up years.”

Indeed, this resonates with what I read in a book “What Wives Wish Their Husbands Knew About Women”.
I shall become a good father in the future, spending quality time with wife and kids.

If you happen to miss the drama production, you can watch it here:

Gift from Taiwan

271220125600 291220125605

A friend went to Taiwan to have a break after such a stressful examination period.
After returning to Singapore, she passed me food souvenirs.
Hmm, it looks very very very nice.
Thanks a lot, Shuhui!

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FB Status

Today I posted two statuses on FB.
Basically, it is about some emotion on love.
I shall record it here:

I miss you
Ima demo anata wo kanjiru yo

I miss you
Asu ni wa aeru to shinjiteru

I miss you
Aishiteru kara

I miss you..




I had a lot of things I wanted to do…
I want to be a teacher…
I also want to be an astronaut…
and also make my own cake shop…
I want to go to the sweets bakery and say ‘I want one of everything’…

Ohhhh, I wish I could live life five times over.
Then I’d be born in five different places, and I’d stuff myself with different food from around the world…
I’d live five different lives with five different occupations…

and then, for those five times…
I’d fall in love with the same person…

-Orihime Inoue-

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Christmas Dinner 25, December, 2012

While most people celebrated Christmas with their family and friends, I spent half of Christmas day in the lab.
No choice, work commitment.
In addition to that, many canteens in school were closed. How then did I survive in the lab on that day?
Easy. Instant noodles. I had it for breakfast and lunch.

Fortunately, I had dinner with friends over some real healthy food.
Steamboat at Hotpot Culture Marina Square.
I consider steamboat healthy food as there is not much oil used in the cooking.

251220125576 251220125577 251220125578

251220125579 251220125580 251220125581

Do you see the plate with mostly vegetable there?
It was mine. Since I was lazy to wait until the soup boiled, I ate that vegetable raw.
Well, all food tastes nice to me as long as I am hungry.

251220125582 251220125586 251220125587

251220125588 251220125589 251220125590

But not only steamboat, we enjoyed a-la-carte meals too.
Yummy! I finished that green veggie (kang kong).

251220125593 251220125594 251220125595

251220125596 251220125597

Some chocolate fondue to close the meal!!! Yay!!!


My friends and I. Very dark. Somehow, my camera flash was not bright enough “-_-
Hmm, I should have more dinner gathering with them.

Christmas Gift December 2012

Received plenty gifts in this Christmas season.
Well, when I received the first gift, I was immediately nudged from the inside.
A voice in my head spoke:
”Shame on you, Jefri. You received gifts but you have not prepared gifts for your friends.”
Then I repented. I quickly got some chocolate for bookstore people Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out 

221220125547 221220125548 221220125549

 231220125566 231220125567

231220125568 251220125572 251220125574

I shall not mention which gifts belong from which person.
Nevertheless, I shall thank you the following friends Smile
Xinyi, Praise, Cheryl, Jiali, Audreu-jie, Jayson, Celestine and Wei Qiang
I thank the LORD for giving me such wonderful friends! Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile

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The Ink Room Duty 22, December, 2012

YoooZZ! I am back with the news of happenings in The Ink Room, the best bookstore in the world.


Chilled out at Coffee Bean first before the bookstore duty.

221220125555 221220125556 221220125558

221220125557 221220125564

Some of our Christmas display.
Nice products with fantastic promotion!

221220125551 221220125552

My twin, Jeffrey, brought his log cake for the team. Thanks a lot, twin!!

221220125559 221220125560 221220125562

Then we had…. pizza dinner! Yay! Great fellowship accompanied with great food!


We took photo with Pastor Edmund too!
Bookstore ministry is the best!!

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Mistake and Imperfection: On Judging Others

“Judge not, that ye be not judged”
-Matt 7:1 (KJV)-

Pastor Kong once preached on the topic of the sermon on the mount.
In this passage, Lord Jesus preached the danger of being censorious.
A censor is a person who always finds fault in others and harsh in evaluation.
While Lord Jesus still wants us to make moral judgment, He wants us to have mercy whenever we judge others.

Recently, I have been making a lot of careless mistakes in my research.
It cost me dearly: long hours of sample preparation went in vain.
A part of me told myself to learn from those mistakes and to move on.
However, another part of me questioned God: “Why did this happen, oh God? It was supposed to be a simple step”

I felt the Lord answering me: I made mistake so I can bear with other people’s mistake too.
Be it mistake in term of work or moral mistake ( I still fall into sin once in a while), any mistake I do shows me that I am imperfect.
How can an imperfect being harshly judge another imperfect being?
I still need to judge others in term of work or moral value. However, I am to be gracious in my judgment.

Strictly speaking, only Lord Jesus has the right to judge harshly since He is perfect.
Still, He chose to judge in mercy.
We can see His gracious judgment to the adulterous woman in John 8.

Another thing I read in a book (by Dr. James Dobson) regarding judging others is that before I can tell that person his/her mistake,
I need to make sure I build genuine relationship with him/her first before I can (graciously) criticize.
This is to make sure that person does not misunderstand me.
Otherwise,  I should keep my mouth shut.

I have been hearing a lot of bad news about people around me, especially the Christian friends.
It is not that I was involved in gossip or anything. I only listened as a friend poured out heart content at me.
“This person is like this and that… That person is like this and that..”
Well, I was surprised when I heard that initially. But of course, even Christians are not perfect.
Still, I don’t think I am close enough to them yet in order to give a constructive criticism.
I can only pray that God will somehow touch them..

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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 15, November, 2012

Luke 1:78-79
Dayspring: the very first morning light from the sky.
In the darkest moment, Lord Jesus comes and shines.
Lord Jesus is now seated at the right hand of the Father.
What is He doing today?

1.)    He is our High Priest (Heb 2:17, 9:11-12).
Lord Jesus represents humans before God.
He was made sin with our sinfulness.
His blood washes all our sins perfectly so that God has no remembrance of them (Isa 43:25).
His blood breaks the power of sin in our lives so we stop committing wrongdoing.

2.)    He is our Advocate.
Lord Jesus is our Lawyer who speaks in our defense against all accusation.
When we sin, our hearts condemn us.
When we confess, He declares us not guilty (1 John 1:9-10).

3.)    He is our Intercessor.
Lord Jesus petitions on our behalf.
He keeps praying for us today.

***There are 5 major ministries Lord Jesus is doing today. However, due to time constraint, Pastor Kong only preached three of them***
You can listen to his sermon here:

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Mr. Snail!!!

Some time back, I happened to see a very tiny snail on a seat of a bus stop.
I wanted to move it aside but I was too busy with replying a friend’s SMS.
A guy and all of sudden…. he sat on it!!! Well, he had not seen the snail, that’s why.
Luckily, the snail was not completely crushed.
I immediately helped moving the snail to the grasses.

In another occasion, I saw this tiny snail on the way to school.


It was so tiny; I did not even see a hard shell.
I was pretty worried that someone might have stepped on it anytime.
Hence, I decided to save it.
I wrapped it with tissue…


… and put it among plants and grasses.
Can you see it there?

Conclusion: I am a snail savior!!!!

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Singapore International Chemical Conference VII 16-19, December, 2012

Was initially planning to attend SICC for the whole 4 days.
However, I was too occupied with doing experiment.
Hence, I could only be there on the third day.
Man! I did not get any free food!

181220125539 181220125540 181220125541

A poster session.
I did not any ‘customers’. No one was interested in my poster. So sad.

181220125543 181220125544 

At least, I got some goodie bag!!!!
I can use the exercise book as a diary.
The foldable water bottle is very handy too!

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