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Sermon Review XXXI: Bedroom Secrets DVD






I purchased this during Dec sales in the bookstore last year.
I almost used this DVD as a Christmas gift to a couple.
In the end I decided not to as this issue of bedroom could be pretty private :P
Well, even though I am still single, it does not hurt to learn in advance regarding marriage :P

Pastor Steve Munsey and his wife, Melodye, preached regarding sexuality in the church service.
They sat on a bed to create an atmosphere of bedroom.

Somehow, I could not summarize the DVD.
There are just too much content which are difficult to condense.
Nevertheless, here I share some important points which I found interesting:

1.)    Sex gets better with age and experience. Doing sex at 40s and 50s can be more enjoyable than doing sex at 20’s as the level of love and understanding has grown.
2.)    Bedroom is a sanctuary. It is no one else’s business. Hence, any sexual activity must not be ‘announced’ to the world.
3.)    The purpose of the bedroom is to know each other intimately. Hence, other discussion like bills has to be done outside the bedroom.
4.)    The couple is free to establish their preferred sex technique as long as they both agree and enjoy it.
5.)    Intimacy includes more than just sex. Communication and serving each other make intimacy too.
6.)    A husband is to lead the family with the help of his wife.
7.)    A husband needs to learn to handle his male ego. Apology is a language of humility.
8.)    Husband’s body belongs to his wife and wife’s body belongs to her husband. They need to help each other to shape their body up.
9.)    A husband needs to share in doing the housework as a wife is not likely able to handle all the housework while maintaining her figure.
10.) A husband and wife should please each other sexually so they will stand strong against sexual temptation.

A very interesting DVD sermon.
You can purchase it at The Ink Room City Harvest Church Singapore here:

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