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Saturday’s Happening 15, December, 2012

A lot of things happened last Saturday as I went to various places.
Well, Saturday is my Sabbath and indeed it should be adventurous.

151220125506 151220125507 151220125508

Had lunch with a long-lost friend, James at King Albert Park.
On that day he moved from Holland Village to Dunearn Road due to ‘irreconcilable differences’ between him and his landlady.
Saw his current landlord who happens to be an Indonesian too.
I guess they should be able to get along well.
Hope I can stay with a nice landlord too when I am out of Graduate Hall.

151220125515 151220125516 151220125517

Celebrated Candlelight service in church.
The chair in church is fire-proof and I guess they turned off the alarm system too. Otherwise, we all would have been drenched.
Candlelight service reminds me of Lord Jesus as the light of the world.
He once dispelled the power of sin and death.
He, too, will dispel any dark moment of my life as long as I keep having faith in Him.

151220125522 151220125525

Celebrated friends’ birthday after the church service.

151220125526 151220125527 151220125529

New products in the bookstore.
Hmm, I didn’t have time to examine the products, unfortunately.


New decoration of Christmas tree in the bookstore.

151220125532 151220125533 151220125534

Some snacks to share after the bookstore duty. Yummy!


I completed church Bible reading plan: the book of Psalm, Hebrews and John.
Yay! A free gift from church!

****Next duty will be even more exciting. Stay tuned!****