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Living by Faith: Abraham’s Faith

Abram or Abraham, our father of faith.
Somehow, I would like to learn from him when it comes to faith.
I am wondering what he was thinking at the time he began his pilgrimage..

The LORD asked him to migrate out of his country without telling him where to go.
What was Abraham thinking at that time when he heard God’s commandment?

”God, are You sure You want me to migrate out?”
”How am I supposed to be a good provider if I leave my business here? I have to take care of my wife Sarai.”
”What does the future hold for me if I obey You? How will I make a living?”
”God, at least can You tell me where I am supposed to go? I need to make sure I at least can secure a job there.”

Not only Abraham, I am also interested in what Sarai would say to Abraham.
I am wondering if they had this kind of conversation.

Sarai:     So, honey, where should we go tomorrow?
Abram:  I do not know. God has not answered my prayer.
Sarai:     Will we be able to make a living?
Abram:  I do not know. God only told me He would bless me. He did not tell me the details.
Sarai:     How are we supposed to feed the sheep and the flock?
Abram:  I do not know. Let’s just pray along the way we will bump into pasture.
Sarai:     How will we pay the shepherds for their work? Will we have enough money?
Abram: I do not know. Let’s just bring as much money as we can and hope we can cut down some other expenses along the way.

In other words, Abram (Abraham) faced much uncertainty as he began his pilgrimage.
The pressure was really on his shoulder: he had to be responsible over the lives of Sarai and his workers too.

Uncertainty. Life is full with uncertainty.
Yet, Abram fully trusted in God.

Will I have faith like his?

(Somehow I recall Pastor David Yonggi Cho’s message on 1% faith, 99% doubt.
As long as I have 1% faith, that is more than enough in God’s eyes.)

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Cg Sermon 24, January, 2013

There are 2 natures inside us: divine nature and sinful nature.
Whichever nature we follow, that will grow stronger.

We are still imperfect beings and hence we can still fall into sin.
Nevertheless, there is a difference between believer and unbeliever when they fall into sin.
When a believer falls, he/she will think a lot about it then repent.
When an unbeliever falls, he/she won’t think about it at all.

Gal 5:19-21
Practice: repetitive behavior.
How to enhance divine nature?

1.) Call out to God.
Pray for repentance and strength to obey God.
2.) Confess His promise.
As we confess His promise, the Holy Spirit will bring to remembrance His word. Let’s confess His word of righteousness.
3.) Commit our heart to God.
God shall lead us to perfection.

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Pastor Paul Scanlon’s Sermon 26, January, 2013: How to Live a God-Guided Life

Psalm 37:23-25
David wrote this psalm when he was old.
He concluded with  “I have never seen”.
This statement carries more weight if it is spoken from an old person as he/she has experienced life.

How do we live a God-guided life? How do we know His will for specific areas in life?
Some people consider walking in the will of God is like walking on a thread: a slight mistake and it will be a fall.
What do we do when we are given a choice? Should we move to the right or left?
Does the difficulty we experience later on confirm that we are walking on the wrong path?

David gave a clue about living a God-guided life in this verse.
God is interested in the ‘steps’ or motion.
David is more interested with the ‘good hearts’ than the ‘steps’.
In fact, God does not mind we take the wrong steps as long as we have good hearts.
He can always bring us back to the right steps.

When Abraham parted with Lot, Abraham gave Lot an option:
if Lot moved to the right, Abraham would move to the left and vice versa.
Abraham realized God’s blessing rested on him, not the place at left or right.

Apostle Paul experienced God’s guidance in his mission trip (Acts 16:6-7).
The Holy Spirit forbade him and his mission team from going to a certain place.
It is interesting to note Apostle Paul did not wait for God’s specific guidance first before going to certain mission field.
He seemed to have a principle:
’Unless God stops us, we will move’ not ‘Unless God shows us, we will move.’

God is attached to the ‘motion’.
God told Abraham to leave his country.
Knowing a place we should not be in is enough to create a movement.

So, how do we know the specific will of God?
We should pray about it and feel the inner peace from God.
Then, we should move. God will somehow guide our steps.

A fantastic and practical sermon. You can download it here:

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TIR Duty 26, January, 2013

The latest update on the bookstore activity! Yay!
It was a wonderful weekend with Life Church Worship music band, formerly known as Abundant Life Ministry Smile

260120135782 260120135783 260120135784

Some lunch with Audrey-jie before the duty at the nearby Prawn House. Yummy!


Some panda cookie Auntie Pauline brought from Hong Kong Smile with tongue out

260120135787 260120135788

Celebrated a bookstore member’s birthday too. Happy birthday, Wei Qiang!

260120135789 260120135790 260120135791

260120135792 260120135793 260120135794

Products by Life Church Worship and Pastor Paul Scanlon.
Name Above All Names CD, I Am Future and Send Me bundle deal Smile
Then sermon by Pastor Paul Scanlon, in particular, Heaven is My Home.

260120135800 260120135801 260120135802

Celebrated my CG members’ birthday after the service!!

260120135803 260120135804 260120135805

Customers who purchased any of the band’s album would have a chance to take photo with the band. Nice!


Even the City Radio team took photo with the band!1 Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out

Pastor Paul Scanlon preached a very good sermon.
Do look forward to the update, ok? Smile

CG Refreshment 24, January, 2013

The second Cg meeting of the year!!
It was wrapped with good fellowship over good food!!
We celebrated one month celebration of baby Ivana!

240120135770 240120135771 240120135773

240120135774 240120135776 240120135777

That birthday cake was there but there was no birthday celebration.
The birthday boy did not attend the Cg due to exams.

240120135778 240120135779

Happy people!!

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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 19, January, 2013: Righteousness

2 Corinthians 5:17, 21
Shame and guilt follow perpetuate problems.
They don’t fix wrong behavior.
God does not want us to be sin-conscious as it gives the wrong picture of God.
The right picture of God is that He is our loving Father.

God sees us as righteous and complete before Him.
Righteousness gives us confidence in prayer (1 John 3:21-22, Heb 4:16)
We can boldly pray, asking God for miracle. Our prayer as righteous children of God avails much.
Righteousness makes us reign in life (Rm 5:17).
We are to reign like kings and queens in the present life, not victims.

Righteousness of God is a free gift.
We are new creation in God. It is as if we had never existed before.
The blood of Christ washes away all sin. It is as if we had never sinned before.
God makes willful choice not to remember our sin.
Hence, we should not remember other people’s sins too.

2 Corinthians 12:2
When we are in God, we have access to God’s presence.
We are ingrafted to Christ. His life, the Vine, flows in us, the branch.
We share in His suffering and glory since we are in Him.
God’s glory is His goodness (Exodus 33:18-21).
Moses stood inside the cleft of the rock when he saw God’s goodness.
We, too, will see His goodness when we abide in Christ.

Eph 1:20, 2:6
Since we are in Christ, we share the same authority He has.
We have authority even over the evil spirits.
When God the Father sees Jesus, He sees us.

God sees us as righteous before Him. How should we see ourselves?
We should see ourselves as complete in Him too.
Since we share the same authority with Christ, let’s be bold to speak to our mountains of difficulties.
We are, we can be, we can do what the Bible says we are, we can be, and we can do.

Mat 13:20-21
Rhema word from God comes with persecution, sometimes.
Let’s be rooted in Christ, ingrafted in Him, then we may endure persecution.

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Dinner 20, January, 2013

200120135760 200120135761 200120135764

200120135765 200120135766 200120135767

Some dinner I had with my friends last Sunday.
We had it at a Hawker Center at Jurong West near City Harvest Church.

By right, this post should be uploaded first before the post on my friend’s oral defense.
After all, the dinner took place before the presentation Smile with tongue out
In addition to that, this dinner was to welcome My Uyen who came all the way from Japan to Singapore to present her work.
Crunchy talk about future plan over yummy food.
I should eat outside more often then Smile with tongue out

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My Uyen’s Oral Defense 21, January, 2013


Another PhD student friend of mine passed her thesis presentation smoothly yesterday.
She did very well in answering question from the examiners!
Congratulations, My Uyen!
Wait for me, ok? I shall catch up with you.
Smile with tongue out

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Supreme Ultimate Rasengan

Supreme Ultimate Rasengan

(credit for this picture goes to Narutopedia)

This picture is now my FB profile picture.
There is a reason for that.
In the movie, Naruto was fighting the enemy, exhausting all his stamina to no avail.
While all seemed lost, Minato (Naruto’s future father) came to the rescue.
He combined his power with Naruto’s power, creating this technique known as:

Taikyoku Rasengan
Supreme Ultimate Rasengan

This technique defeated the enemy.
I prefer calling it Father-Son-Rasengan.

Similarly, I am now in tough circumstance.
I am doing all I can but the circumstance does not change much.
My God, my Heavenly Father, shall rescue me.
With Him, I shall defeat my circumstance (Ps 118:10-12).
This is my faith in Him.

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Dinner After Service 19, January, 2013

Yoo, another blog post on fooooooddd! Open-mouthed smile 
Yummy meals around Singapore! Took photos of the food yesterdayOpen-mouthed smile


Green apple soda at Heath Bistro while waiting for my friends Smile
Concentrated apple syrup + F&N soda. Nice combination!

190120135754 190120135755 190120135756 

190120135758 190120135750 190120135752

Then big dinner after the church service at Carls Jr.
I had heavy dinner at 8.30 pm and my tummy was still full even until 2 am Smile with tongue out
Should go out with Cg more often then Open-mouthed smile

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