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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 22-24 December 2012

Matt 1:23
Are we really alone in the universe?
We might want to know if there is Someone out there.
And after knowing Someone is there, we might want to know whether this Being cares for us.

Isa 7:14
The Bible gives us the answer: there is God out there who cares for us.
In fact, His name is Immanuel, which means ‘God with us’.
God took on human flesh and was born of a virgin.
His name is Jesus, in other words ‘Jesus is with us’.

Since ‘Jesus is with us’, what does He do then?

1.) ‘Jesus is with us’ to save from our sin.
On the cross He shed His blood to wash away sin and break its power.
When we accept Him, we become so clean: it is as if we had never sinned.
Lord Jesus came to reconcile us with our Heavenly Father.

2.) ‘Jesus is with us’ to mend our broken hearts.
With so much worries in life, how can we find happiness?
Lord Jesus came to reconcile us to each other.

3.) “Jesus is with us” to heal our sickness.
Lord Jesus wants us to have a healing Christmas.
Sometimes, before God heals us physically, He will heal us emotionally.
When earthly doctors have given up, why don’t we come to doctor Jesus.

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