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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 5, January, 2013 Righteousness

John 3:16, Rm 6:23
Eternal life began the moment we accepted Lord Jesus.
It is not just the event we go up to heaven. Eternal life starts right now on earth.
It is more than just living forever and ever. Eternal life is about the life of God Himself in us.
The gift of eternal life is wrapped in Lord Jesus.
The more we abide in Him, the more we are aware of His gift.

2 Cor 5:17, Eph 2:6, Eph 1:21
New creation/creature = someone who has never existed before.
God brought us into His level and seated us up in the heavenly realms, far above angels and demons.
Every sin has to be punished no matter how merciful God is.
On the cross, Lord Jesus became sin substitute. He bore the full blunt of punishment of sin.
In Lord Jesus, we have eternal life and are made righteous before God.

1.) Righteousness removes the remembrance of sin
In the Old Testament, it was the concept of Atonement, which simply means ‘covering’.
However, Lord Jesus not only covered, but also cleansed us from our sins.
We are delivered from the devil’s kingdom to God because of Lord Jesus.
The devil has no legal foothold in our lives.
God knows everything yet, at the moment we accept Lord Jesus, He makes willful choice not to remember our sins.
Righteousness is more than just forgiveness as forgiveness does not include acceptance.
5 things God’s grace does:
– gives us what we don’t deserve.
– rewrites history.
– imputes to us a different motive.
– imputes nobility to something ignoble.
– strengthens us when we are weak.
God never stops believing in us even though we are imperfect.
He see our present and future, not our past.

2.) Righteousness is the divine nature that overpowers sins.
1 John 3:6,9; 2 Cor 5:21
God gives freedom from sin. God doesn’t sin and Lord Jesus gave us God’s own nature of righteousness.
2 things happened on the cross:
– God declares us righteous by faith.
– We are made new creatures in our nature of righteousness.
Rm 6:6-11
The devil can’t make us sin. He can only make us sin-conscious.
Sin consciousness makes us easy to sin again.
To count: God, the Divine Accountant, has written off our sins.
We just need to agree with God concerning His promise.

3.) Righteousness makes us bold in God’s presence.
It is the ability to stand in God’s presence without any guilt, condemnation or inferiority
Sometimes, we are afraid to ask God healing, prosperity, and others.
If we feel guilty, how can we ask God? If we don’t ask, how can God give us?

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