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The Ink Room Ministry Appreciation 13, January, 2013

Once a year event of TIR is back! TIR Ministry Appreciation!!! Open-mouthed smile
Plenty of fun, food and activities!
It was held in Singapore Expo last Sunday. Are you curious to know what happened? Winking smile

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First, we all had to register first. There was door gift waiting for each attendee.
I took the ruler with the list of Bible books. Somehow, I should memorize the Bible too Smile

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Some of the prizes to be given to the best teams/bookstore members Smile with tongue out


Our two MCs of the day!! The dress code was cowboy/cowgirl Smile with tongue out

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Some appreciation for the bookstore staff Smile

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130120135728 130120135731 130120135734

Some appreciation for the members too! Open-mouthed smile

130120135736 130120135737

Praise the Lord! I won 2 awards! Smile

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Some of my cowboy accessories Smile with tongue out
In the end of the event, we had dinner. However, my HP battery ran out.
So, I could not take photos of the food.
Nevertheless, I put up that video of mass dance we did.