Pastor Paul Scanlon’s Sermon 26, January, 2013: How to Live a God-Guided Life

Psalm 37:23-25
David wrote this psalm when he was old.
He concluded with  “I have never seen”.
This statement carries more weight if it is spoken from an old person as he/she has experienced life.

How do we live a God-guided life? How do we know His will for specific areas in life?
Some people consider walking in the will of God is like walking on a thread: a slight mistake and it will be a fall.
What do we do when we are given a choice? Should we move to the right or left?
Does the difficulty we experience later on confirm that we are walking on the wrong path?

David gave a clue about living a God-guided life in this verse.
God is interested in the ‘steps’ or motion.
David is more interested with the ‘good hearts’ than the ‘steps’.
In fact, God does not mind we take the wrong steps as long as we have good hearts.
He can always bring us back to the right steps.

When Abraham parted with Lot, Abraham gave Lot an option:
if Lot moved to the right, Abraham would move to the left and vice versa.
Abraham realized God’s blessing rested on him, not the place at left or right.

Apostle Paul experienced God’s guidance in his mission trip (Acts 16:6-7).
The Holy Spirit forbade him and his mission team from going to a certain place.
It is interesting to note Apostle Paul did not wait for God’s specific guidance first before going to certain mission field.
He seemed to have a principle:
’Unless God stops us, we will move’ not ‘Unless God shows us, we will move.’

God is attached to the ‘motion’.
God told Abraham to leave his country.
Knowing a place we should not be in is enough to create a movement.

So, how do we know the specific will of God?
We should pray about it and feel the inner peace from God.
Then, we should move. God will somehow guide our steps.

A fantastic and practical sermon. You can download it here:

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