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Cg Sermon 24, January, 2013

There are 2 natures inside us: divine nature and sinful nature.
Whichever nature we follow, that will grow stronger.

We are still imperfect beings and hence we can still fall into sin.
Nevertheless, there is a difference between believer and unbeliever when they fall into sin.
When a believer falls, he/she will think a lot about it then repent.
When an unbeliever falls, he/she won’t think about it at all.

Gal 5:19-21
Practice: repetitive behavior.
How to enhance divine nature?

1.) Call out to God.
Pray for repentance and strength to obey God.
2.) Confess His promise.
As we confess His promise, the Holy Spirit will bring to remembrance His word. Let’s confess His word of righteousness.
3.) Commit our heart to God.
God shall lead us to perfection.

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