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Living by Faith: Abraham’s Faith

Abram or Abraham, our father of faith.
Somehow, I would like to learn from him when it comes to faith.
I am wondering what he was thinking at the time he began his pilgrimage..

The LORD asked him to migrate out of his country without telling him where to go.
What was Abraham thinking at that time when he heard God’s commandment?

”God, are You sure You want me to migrate out?”
”How am I supposed to be a good provider if I leave my business here? I have to take care of my wife Sarai.”
”What does the future hold for me if I obey You? How will I make a living?”
”God, at least can You tell me where I am supposed to go? I need to make sure I at least can secure a job there.”

Not only Abraham, I am also interested in what Sarai would say to Abraham.
I am wondering if they had this kind of conversation.

Sarai:     So, honey, where should we go tomorrow?
Abram:  I do not know. God has not answered my prayer.
Sarai:     Will we be able to make a living?
Abram:  I do not know. God only told me He would bless me. He did not tell me the details.
Sarai:     How are we supposed to feed the sheep and the flock?
Abram:  I do not know. Let’s just pray along the way we will bump into pasture.
Sarai:     How will we pay the shepherds for their work? Will we have enough money?
Abram: I do not know. Let’s just bring as much money as we can and hope we can cut down some other expenses along the way.

In other words, Abram (Abraham) faced much uncertainty as he began his pilgrimage.
The pressure was really on his shoulder: he had to be responsible over the lives of Sarai and his workers too.

Uncertainty. Life is full with uncertainty.
Yet, Abram fully trusted in God.

Will I have faith like his?

(Somehow I recall Pastor David Yonggi Cho’s message on 1% faith, 99% doubt.
As long as I have 1% faith, that is more than enough in God’s eyes.)

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