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My Uyen’s Oral Defense 21, January, 2013


Another PhD student friend of mine passed her thesis presentation smoothly yesterday.
She did very well in answering question from the examiners!
Congratulations, My Uyen!
Wait for me, ok? I shall catch up with you.
Smile with tongue out

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Supreme Ultimate Rasengan

Supreme Ultimate Rasengan

(credit for this picture goes to Narutopedia)

This picture is now my FB profile picture.
There is a reason for that.
In the movie, Naruto was fighting the enemy, exhausting all his stamina to no avail.
While all seemed lost, Minato (Naruto’s future father) came to the rescue.
He combined his power with Naruto’s power, creating this technique known as:

Taikyoku Rasengan
Supreme Ultimate Rasengan

This technique defeated the enemy.
I prefer calling it Father-Son-Rasengan.

Similarly, I am now in tough circumstance.
I am doing all I can but the circumstance does not change much.
My God, my Heavenly Father, shall rescue me.
With Him, I shall defeat my circumstance (Ps 118:10-12).
This is my faith in Him.

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Dinner After Service 19, January, 2013

Yoo, another blog post on fooooooddd! Open-mouthed smile 
Yummy meals around Singapore! Took photos of the food yesterdayOpen-mouthed smile


Green apple soda at Heath Bistro while waiting for my friends Smile
Concentrated apple syrup + F&N soda. Nice combination!

190120135754 190120135755 190120135756 

190120135758 190120135750 190120135752

Then big dinner after the church service at Carls Jr.
I had heavy dinner at 8.30 pm and my tummy was still full even until 2 am Smile with tongue out
Should go out with Cg more often then Open-mouthed smile

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Career Fair Handbook


Obtained this handbook last Thursday.
Next week there will be career fair in NTU.
Since this is my final semester, I should quickly look for a job too.
By faith, I can secure a good one! Open-mouthed smile

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SPMS Poly Open House 12, January, 2013 + Some FB Posts


Some school event last Saturday.
Just for last weekend, I attended Sunday service instead of Saturday.
Hence, I got to enjoy some free food!!! Open-mouthed smile

120120135678 120120135680 120120135681

120120135683 120120135684 120120135685

Look at all this loot of mine!!
A few boxes of fried rice, a few McSausage, tens of nata de coco, plenty curry puffs and carrot cakes!!
How did I finish them all?
By taking them slowly over the next few days. I kept most of them in a fridge.
Yay! Saved plenty $$$!
Even the school staff know my habit. The nickname they give to me ‘food rubbish bin’. Smile with tongue out


Have been posting plenty status on FB recently.
Again, I shall record them here as they sound cool.

Now that I’ve unleashed my Bankai,
think of both my body and blade
as the embodiment of the sun
-Zanka no Tachi, West: Zanjitsu Gokui-

Kore de saigo da..
Domo arigato..

Never give up..
That was the choice I was supposed to make!

So what?
As if I care about what becomes of the things you want to protect. Make no mistake.
The things that you wish to protect are not the things that I want to protect!
What I wanted to protect was.. you
-Tensa Zangetsu-

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The Ink Room Ministry Appreciation 13, January, 2013

Once a year event of TIR is back! TIR Ministry Appreciation!!! Open-mouthed smile
Plenty of fun, food and activities!
It was held in Singapore Expo last Sunday. Are you curious to know what happened? Winking smile

 130120135701 130120135740

First, we all had to register first. There was door gift waiting for each attendee.
I took the ruler with the list of Bible books. Somehow, I should memorize the Bible too Smile

130120135695 130120135696 130120135700

Some of the prizes to be given to the best teams/bookstore members Smile with tongue out


Our two MCs of the day!! The dress code was cowboy/cowgirl Smile with tongue out

130120135710 130120135712 130120135713

130120135714 130120135718 130120135721

Some appreciation for the bookstore staff Smile

130120135724 130120135725 130120135726

130120135728 130120135731 130120135734

Some appreciation for the members too! Open-mouthed smile

130120135736 130120135737

Praise the Lord! I won 2 awards! Smile

130120135738 130120135743 130120135744

Some of my cowboy accessories Smile with tongue out
In the end of the event, we had dinner. However, my HP battery ran out.
So, I could not take photos of the food.
Nevertheless, I put up that video of mass dance we did.

Pastor Phil’s Sermon 13, January, 2013

Acts 2:1-2
The disciples were gathered together to pray.
The all of sudden, violent came upon them and they were filled with the Holy Spirit.
We build things first in the spiritual realm through prayer.
Breakthrough will then come to pass in the natural realm.
Even until now, we still feel the impact of the Day of Pentecost.

Sailing using yacht teaches us an important life lesson.
It does not matter where the wind blows, we can still sail forward by adjusting the sail.
Wind of failure and opposition isn’t important. What’s important is how we set the sail.

New year resolution sometimes doesn’t last.
How to get resolution started? By not getting stuck in yesterday or last year.
Life has to move on.
When we get stuck, we need to give maximum effort.
We may still rock forward and backward. Nevertheless, we should not give up.
Once we get out of seemingly stuck situation, we obtain the momentum.

Gal 3:5-6
Dreams may be impossible to achieve.
Abraham chose to believe in God’s promise.
God doesn’t respond to need; He responds to faith.
God likes us to do the impossible.
When we choose to move, God will move too.

Acts 14:8-10
The man had faith to be healed.
Faith is like a lightning rod which attracts God’s blessing.
We are created in God’s image: when He spoke, creation happened.
When Apostle Paul spoke, healing happened.
Similarly, we can speak to our situation in faith and miracle happened.

You can download his sermon here:

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