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Saturday Dinner 23, February, 2013

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Had dinner at Texas Chicken with friends after the church service last Saturday.
Hmm, it is not a bad idea to have a fast food once in a while.
After that, I had a tuition session with one of my friends there Smile

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RAVE Master

One of many animes I watched when I was younger.
It is pretty unfortunate the anime did not cover the entire manga.
Now, as I have been reading the manga to get some entertainment, this soundtrack comes back to life.

Lyrics: thanks to

Fukai yami no hotori Nemuru chou tachi yo (The intense darkness is the beautiful sleeping butterfly)
Aoki sorasaemo Shirazu ni iru noka (Do you even know you’re in the deep blue sky?)
Tsumiki no youni moroi sekai wo (The fragile world is like building blocks; it wants to fly away)
Habataku sube ga hoshii  (For the one who had only one wish)
Hitotsudake sou negatta Aisubeki hito no tameni (And loved it…)

Sai ha chijyou takaku nagerareta (The dice were thrown)
Rakuen sore ha hiizuru  mirai (“Paradise” rises from the future.)
You and I Tooi yume ni musubareru (You and I unite in the far away dream)
Kono akai kawa wo koete (And we’ll get across this blood red river)

Kimi no namida subete umi e kaesetara  (If I can return all of your tears back to the sea)
Tsumimo itamisaemo wasurerarerunoka (Will the sins and pain be forgotten too?)
Kodokuna hane ga nukumori kureta  (Warmth was given to a lonely wing)
itoshii sono kuchibiru (By that precious kiss)
Hitotsudake souchikatta  (For the one who had only one promise,)
mamorubeki hito no tame ni (And kept it…)

Hana ha mujyou sarau  jyuujika wo daite  (A flower embraces a cross with uncertainty.)
saita hakanaki tenshi (With that, bloomed a fickle angel)
yuuen no ai itsuka mitsukeru nara (If, someday, love that’s far away is found)
Kimi ni sasageyou Paradise (Then paradise will be given to you.)

Hitosuji no hikari wo motomete  (In search of true light)
bokura wa michi wo ikiru (We live innocently.)
Hitotsudake ima shinjita  (For the only one who now believed,)
Aisubeki hito no tameni (And love it…)

Sai ha chijyou takaku nagerareta  (The dice were thrown.)
Rakuen sore ha hiizuru  mirai (“Paradise” rises from the future)
You and I Tooi yume ni musubareru  (You and I unite in the far away dream,)
Kono akai kawa wo koete (And we’ll get across this blood red river)

Hana ha mujyou sarau  jyuujika wo daite  (A flower embraces a cross with uncertainty)
saita hakanaki tenshi (With that bloomed a fickle angel)
yuuen no ai itsuka mitsukeru nara (If, someday, love that’s far away is found,)
Kimi ni sasageyou Paradise (Then paradise will be given to you.)

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Verse of the Day: Psalm 50:15

And call upon Me in the day of trouble:
I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me.
-Psalm 50:15-

To be honest,
sometimes I feel saturated whenever I listen to a sermon which lifts faith up.
I think it is because I have been hearing the same topic times and again since the days of me attending church service in Indonesia.
It’s been the same topic: keep your faith strong for God will deliver you.

things become extremely different when I am really overwhelmed with trouble.
Somehow, I feel frozen and I do not know what to do.
This is when the Holy Spirit brings into my remembrance the faith sermon.

Reminder to self:
God will deliver me no matter how difficult my situation is.
Difficult situation shows that I am weak.
If I can make it through the situation in one piece, that only goes to show that God is the source of deliverance.
Hence, all glory goes back to God alone.

Lord Jesus will deliver me.
Definitely. Absolutely.

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God’s Providence

A thought on Pastor Bobby’s sermon last weekend on the providence of God.
I heard before that a Christian should not complain about how tough his/her life is.
A Christian who wants to complain to God should first make a comparison between his/her life with Apostle Paul’s life.
Apostle Paul suffered many things (2 Cor 11:23-27):
– was flogged severely.
– was exposed to death times and again
– five times receiving 39 lashes
– was beaten 3 times with rod
– was stoned once
– was shipwrecked three times.
– was in constant danger everywhere he went
– toiled and labored without sleep
– was hungry, thirsty, cold and naked

Yet, in all these things, God preserved him and made him more than a conqueror.

My situation now is tough, really tough.
It is not as tough as his, though. So, I should not complain at all.
Nevertheless, if God can preserve him, God can (and will) preserve me.
In Christ, I am more than a conqueror too!

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Pastor Bobby’s and Pastor Aries’ Sermon 16, February, 2013

Pastor Bobby’s Sermon: Providence

Providence: God actively preserves the existence of His creation, guiding and directing the course of events for them to fulfill their purpose.
Psalm 121:4-8
The preservation of God makes us stay alive. Nothing happens by chance.
John 10:27-29.
No one is able to snatch us out of God’s hand.
Rm 8:35, 38-39.
None of the difficult events nor invisible power can separate us from God. We are still in the hand of Almighty God
Rm 8:31.
We can’t lose with God on our side.
1 Cor 10:13.
God preserves us by providing us the way of escape.
Apostle Paul suffered a lot yet he survived because God preserved him.
Our God still works miracles until now.
God has begun a good work in me and He will complete it (Phil 1:6).

God has preserved CHC and no one is able to snatch CHC out of Father’s hands.
God who has begun a good work in CHC will finish it too. 

Pastor Aries’ Sermon: Expectation and Preparation

Psalm 5:3
Expectation precedes miracle.
Preparation sets the precedence for the miracle.
Heb 11:7.
Noah moved with godly fear when he prepared an ark. Godly fear is divine wisdom.
Wisdom of the Lord is in hearing His Word and obey Him.
Proverb 21:31.
The deliverance still comes from the Lord. Still, we need to go to the battle.
Wisdom of the Lord is in the voice of prayer too.
Ex 2:23-25.
It is a voice of prayer. Never underestimate the power of prayer.
Ps 50:15.
In the day of trouble, don’t get to crisis mode. Let’s get into Christ-mode.

You can download their sermon here:

The Ink Room Duty 16, February, 2013 [3/3]: Millennial Orchestra

Special performance by Jorim and Cheryl last weekend.
They played a number of songs using their violins.
I recorded quite a number of their play, but I think this one is the best.
Splendid! Keep it up, Jorim and Cheryl!

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The Ink Room Duty 16, February, 2013 [2/3]: Lohei

Second part of the post on the bookstore duty.
This is the video of the lohei toast.
It was our opportunity to confess blessing in Lord Jesus’ name.

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The Ink Room Duty 16, November [1/3]

The duty after the church took one week break.
Team B celebrated with… Lo Hei!!!!




Other than Lo Hei itself, we had sushi, nuggets, curry puffs, doughnut, fish balls and sausage.

160220135898 160220135906

It was Valentine weekend service in church.. so, the bookstore brought in….


Valentine products!!!


Some popular products the bookstore brought in.
Feature products: Jean Tan’s albums. She is a member of CHC too Smile
Something exciting is coming in the second and third part of the post.
Do look forward to them, ok?

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Determination II


Still on the thought of determination.
If yesterday post was to address the difficult situation, this post is to address the apparent futility of effort.
Again, Ichigo tried times and again to attack Ulqiuorra back despite the huge difference in their power.
Enraged, Ulquiorra told Ichigo, “I told you it’s futile!!”

Many times my situation is similar.
All my effort seems futile no matter how hard I try.

So, what keeps me moving on? What is the fuel of endurance?
Faith in God’s promise.
It’s been said in church, “Don’t give up on God because God does not give up on you.”

A reminder to self: no matter how futile it seems, I shall keep believing and trying.
God will surely help me in His time.

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During a fight between Ichigo and Ulquiorra, Ichigo was seriously cornered due to huge gap in their power.
As Ulquiorra became stronger and stronger, Ulquiorra told Ichigo to just give up.
To be exact, Ulquiorra wanted to show Ichigo the true meaning of despair.
Yet, Ichigo just refused to give up no matter how much blow he received.
Ulquiorra then killed Ichigo by blasting a hole on Ichigo’s chest…

What a lesson in determination and not-giving-up attitude!

My work is seriously demanding with so many things to do in such a little time.
Yet, I should not give up too, should stay determined to keep fighting to the end.
After all, Lord Jesus did not quit when He carried the cross.
Why would I?

(Ichigo did not die in the end even with that open hole in his chest. You may want to read Bleach chapter 347 onwards.)

A quote from Ichigo:

Difference in power..?
So what..?
Do you think that I’ll give up… if you’re stronger than me..?
I knew that you were strong… right from the start…
At this point, no matter how much I see of your strength..
It won’t change anything..
I’m gonna beat you..
I’m not… fighting you because I think can win…
I’m fighting… because I have to win…!
-Ichigo Kurosaki-