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Book Review XVII: Season’s Sonata


I read this book during a flight back to Singapore in Dec.
Thanks to my friend (Teddy) for passing it to me. I completed reading it in 2 hours time.
Since this book is written in Indonesia language, not many of you can understand it.
Nevertheless, you can visit the author’s (Xavier Quentin Pranata)website here:

This book deals with different seasons in life.
King Solomon taught there is a season for everything in life.
This book helps us in gaining the big picture of life so we will be able to see how God molds us through different seasons.
There are several lessons I’ve learned from this book:

1.) Time.
God doesn’t value how long we live. He values how impactful our life is.
Have we used our lives for the things He wants us to do? This life is too short to be wasted in vain things.

2.) Changes.
Changes in life are inevitable. At times, we may not feel strong enough to handle changes.
We then should admit our weakness and learn from others.

3.) Choose the life partner who loves Jesus more than you.
Save your income, don’t be greedy.
Don’t lose your faith and integrity.

4.) Wisdon starts with humility of knowing we don’t know much.

5.) Lead your kids well. Their future is largely influenced by their parents.

6.) Peace starts in the heart. The situation around us shouldn’t determine the peace in our heart.

7.) Don’t fall in love with just anyone. Observe that person inside out before marrying him/her.

8.) Christians should have a forgiving heart when offence comes.
When persecution comes, we should stay calm and maintain integrity.

9.) Don’t let our love toward loved ones grow cold. Always cherish and love them.

10.) Jealousy is a sign of distrust and not of love. When we love our spouse, we should trust him/her.
However, God is a jealous for our sake, not for His sake.

11.) It’s better to go to the house of mourning than the house of feasting as we’ll learn empathy.

12.) There are many reasons God should not use man and woman for His purpose.
Nevertheless, He isn’t looking for capable man and woman. He is looking for willing man and woman

13.) One characteristic of a victor is that he is thankful for the thing he possesses while attempting for the thing he hasn’t possessed.

14.) Being smart simply means knowing earlier than others. Smart people should spread the knowledge to as many as possible.

15.) Surrender all trouble, worries, fear, hope, dream, work, family and friends into God’s hand.
It all depends on whose hand. God’s hand handles thing way better than our hands.

16.) When we need a miracle for present trouble, let’s recall how God gave us miracle in the past.

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