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Be Strong and Very Courageous

Be strong and of good courage..
Only be thou strong and very courageous..
Be strong and of good courage..
-Joshua 1:6,7,9-

What was Joshua thinking as he began to lead the Israelites to conquer the promised land?
What was he feeling?
What was his thought or anxiety?

Joshua saw how God had used Moses mightily to lead the nation.
He saw the plagues, the pillar of cloud and fire, and manna provision.
He, along with Caleb, encouraged the nation to conquer Canaan.
Unfortunately, he had to wander in the wilderness way longer due to Israelites’ disobedience.
He assisted Moses to meet God on Mount Sinai.
He also had the habit to stay in the Tabernacle.

Under the leadership of Moses, he led the nation to war against another nation once in a loooooong while.
Then, as he became Moses’ successor, God commanded him to conquer Canaan through war.
I can imagine he might pray: “Oh God, why should I war against them? I am outnumbered. Why can’t You just send plagues after plagues to them?”
(Of course, God would never spoil Joshua)

Indeed, Joshua was in such a bind.
He might have worried that Israelites would be defeated.
After all, they lost in terms of number and war experience.

3 times God commanded Joshua to be strong and very courageous.
The logic was simple: God was with him. He would not lose.
(except in the case of Ai where God forsook him momentarily)

God was with Moses and Moses was successful.
God was with Joshua and Joshua was successful.
Immanuel. God is with us and we will be successful too.
Let’s do whatever we can with a strong and courageous heart as Lord Jesus is with us.

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