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Surviving CNY


One thing I hate the most about Chinese New Year (I am Chinese-descent, btw) is the closing of canteens and food courts.
So, how do I find food during this period?
The idea is simple: stock up food before the period.
So, here is the food I prepare in the lab so I can work properly.
It should help me last until Wednesday.
Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out

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CG Movie Outing: Ah Boys to Men 2

ah boys to men 2 ah boys to men 2 c ah boys to men 2 b

Had a movie outing with CG last Thursday.
If I remember correctly, the last movie outing I joined them was Taken 2.
Last December the CG went to watch Ah Boys to Men.
I did not join them last December. But at least, I watched Ah Boys to Men 2 with them.
Well, I was late to watch it. Nevertheless, I got the big picture of the movie.

The movie showed a group of army recruits in Section 2.
They did many creative things to deceive their sergeants.
One of the members had an issue with his (ex) girlfriend. So, he got help from the others to take revenge.
In the end, they created even more problems as the revenge escalated into a gang fight.
They were punished with more suspension for this.

Toward the end, they went through a war time simulation where they had to sleep in tents,
guard their rifles and dug covering holes. It was physically draining for them.
However, they really grew up from spoilt boys to real men, real soldier.

2 lessons I have learned from this movie:

1.) The concept of “Leave no men behind”.
One of the main characters initially wanted to stay out of the gang fight.
However, in the end he decided to fight to rescue his teammates.
I would not say it was completely right to do so. If I were him, I would find some other ways to stop the fight.
I like this concept. I think I can practice it toward my church members.

2.) The concept of maturity.
The sergeants were holding the ‘letters’ from recruits’ parents.
However, they tore the ‘letters’ in front of the recruits, much to the recruits’ tears.
After a while, the high officer stepped in and explained “The pain you’re experiencing now is nothing compared
to when you truly lose your parents and siblings and family in a real war time. These are the letters from your parents.”
Indeed, the recruits were overjoyed to be able to read the letters.
I can imagine their morale was pushed to the limit at the moment, all for ensuring they mature mentally.

My daily devotion today is about God bringing His children through fire to purify them.
Indeed, God uses much suffering to help us mature in godliness, much like how the recruits were pushed to the limit.
So, in the midst of suffering, I should keep enduring it by God’s grace. It is for my good, after all.

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