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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 3, February, 2013: Identification in Christ

We say we want blessing from God.
Do we have identification to receive the blessing? Gal 2:20. Our identification is in Christ.
Some identify themselves with work, problem, movie star, or ethnicity. The truth is we are more than our flesh.
The moment we receive Christ, we become brand new people.
Col 1:27. Mystery: secret. Even OT saints never thought of God living inside of them. They only thought of drawing near to God.

Christ swallowed up all past sin until there is no trace of sin at all.
Bad things may have happened to us. Yet, they don’t define us.
As long as we find our identification in Christ, then it doesn’t matter what the world tells us.

3 ways of identification:

1.) Find ourselves in the word of God.
Lord Jesus did that Luke 4:17-18.
It doesn’t matter genetic, personality, or environment determinism. There is ‘in Christ’ determinism.
Eph 1:4 we are not accidental. He chose us.
Col 2:9-10. We are ingrafted in Christ. Since Christ is in us, we can do anything.
In Christ the goodness of God comes to my home, business and ministrx.

2.) Identify what Christ has done for us.
There is real radical change. We even forget who we are in the past. We identify with death, burial and resurrection of Christ.
Lord Jesus is now the head, we are the body. The head is joined to the body. If Christ still reigns, we reign with Him.
When we have problems, we may run helter skelter to find a solution. However, let’s first remember our position in Christ.

3.) Confess those ‘in Christ’ promises into reality.
Confess: speaking the same as the word of God says. What God has done for us in Christ, who we are to God in Christ,
what God can do through us in Christ. Let’s be bold enough to publicly confess it. It’s a defining line between success and failure.
–  What God has done: redeemed us completely.
– Who we are to God: our body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit. Then, we believe in His word of healing.
– What God can do through us: 2 Cor 2:14. God leads us always in triumph. In Christ, we have the victory.
If there isn’t any confession, faith won’t grow. Don’t confess what the world says, we confess God’s word.

You can download Pastor Kong’s sermon here Smile

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