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Christ in Us: An Implication

A story I read long time ago.
An atheist tried to confuse a poor Christian peasant with a question: “Is your God big or small?”
The peasant answered: “My God is so big that the universe can’t contain Him and He is so small that He can
dwell inside my heart.”

Pastor Kong mentioned about Christ living in the inside of us.
Indeed, this is a mystery even to the Old Testament saints.
They understood the concept of drawing near to God.
Yet, they hardly heard about God living in the inside of them.

I feel the LORD revealing to me a wonderful implication of Him living in me.
He understands. Lord Jesus always understands everything I go through.
Since Lord Jesus lives inside me,
– He understands my difficulty. He sees what I see and He feels the stress I feel.
– He understands my temptation. He knows and feels the impact of the temptation the devil throws at me.
– He understands my grief. He knows my dream and experiences the same pain I experience when my dream is shattered.

But most importantly, He offers the solution too.
Since He lives in me, His strength becomes my strength too. I can then endure difficulty.
His righteousness becomes my righteousness. I will then overcome temptation.
His hope becomes my hope. He can always resurrect a dead dream, much like He resurrected Lazarus.

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for living inside me!!!

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