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The Ink Room Duty 16, November [1/3]

The duty after the church took one week break.
Team B celebrated with… Lo Hei!!!!




Other than Lo Hei itself, we had sushi, nuggets, curry puffs, doughnut, fish balls and sausage.

160220135898 160220135906

It was Valentine weekend service in church.. so, the bookstore brought in….


Valentine products!!!


Some popular products the bookstore brought in.
Feature products: Jean Tan’s albums. She is a member of CHC too Smile
Something exciting is coming in the second and third part of the post.
Do look forward to them, ok?

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Determination II


Still on the thought of determination.
If yesterday post was to address the difficult situation, this post is to address the apparent futility of effort.
Again, Ichigo tried times and again to attack Ulqiuorra back despite the huge difference in their power.
Enraged, Ulquiorra told Ichigo, “I told you it’s futile!!”

Many times my situation is similar.
All my effort seems futile no matter how hard I try.

So, what keeps me moving on? What is the fuel of endurance?
Faith in God’s promise.
It’s been said in church, “Don’t give up on God because God does not give up on you.”

A reminder to self: no matter how futile it seems, I shall keep believing and trying.
God will surely help me in His time.

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During a fight between Ichigo and Ulquiorra, Ichigo was seriously cornered due to huge gap in their power.
As Ulquiorra became stronger and stronger, Ulquiorra told Ichigo to just give up.
To be exact, Ulquiorra wanted to show Ichigo the true meaning of despair.
Yet, Ichigo just refused to give up no matter how much blow he received.
Ulquiorra then killed Ichigo by blasting a hole on Ichigo’s chest…

What a lesson in determination and not-giving-up attitude!

My work is seriously demanding with so many things to do in such a little time.
Yet, I should not give up too, should stay determined to keep fighting to the end.
After all, Lord Jesus did not quit when He carried the cross.
Why would I?

(Ichigo did not die in the end even with that open hole in his chest. You may want to read Bleach chapter 347 onwards.)

A quote from Ichigo:

Difference in power..?
So what..?
Do you think that I’ll give up… if you’re stronger than me..?
I knew that you were strong… right from the start…
At this point, no matter how much I see of your strength..
It won’t change anything..
I’m gonna beat you..
I’m not… fighting you because I think can win…
I’m fighting… because I have to win…!
-Ichigo Kurosaki-

Last Teaching Lab Duty CBC216


My very last teaching duty in the school. Hence, this is my very last drawing on the whiteboard.
Hope my explanation during the session is clear enough.
I tried my best to make the concept as simple as possible after all.

 150220135877 150220135875 150220135880

Well, this called for celebration, didn’t it?
Hence, here I was, taking photo with different laboratory coats.
I really like teaching!!

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New Year Food??


Some food my supervisor passed me during Chinese new year season.
So, what was inside them?

120220135871 120220135873 120220135874

Some red-bean cakes, pineapple tarts, chicken and duck meats.
He said one should plenty meat during new year season to obtain some good luck.
Regardless whether the saying is true or not…
Thank God I was able to save a couple of $$$$!! Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out
It was my dinner on 2 different occasions! Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile

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Christ in Us: An Implication

A story I read long time ago.
An atheist tried to confuse a poor Christian peasant with a question: “Is your God big or small?”
The peasant answered: “My God is so big that the universe can’t contain Him and He is so small that He can
dwell inside my heart.”

Pastor Kong mentioned about Christ living in the inside of us.
Indeed, this is a mystery even to the Old Testament saints.
They understood the concept of drawing near to God.
Yet, they hardly heard about God living in the inside of them.

I feel the LORD revealing to me a wonderful implication of Him living in me.
He understands. Lord Jesus always understands everything I go through.
Since Lord Jesus lives inside me,
– He understands my difficulty. He sees what I see and He feels the stress I feel.
– He understands my temptation. He knows and feels the impact of the temptation the devil throws at me.
– He understands my grief. He knows my dream and experiences the same pain I experience when my dream is shattered.

But most importantly, He offers the solution too.
Since He lives in me, His strength becomes my strength too. I can then endure difficulty.
His righteousness becomes my righteousness. I will then overcome temptation.
His hope becomes my hope. He can always resurrect a dead dream, much like He resurrected Lazarus.

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for living inside me!!!

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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 3, February, 2013: Identification in Christ

We say we want blessing from God.
Do we have identification to receive the blessing? Gal 2:20. Our identification is in Christ.
Some identify themselves with work, problem, movie star, or ethnicity. The truth is we are more than our flesh.
The moment we receive Christ, we become brand new people.
Col 1:27. Mystery: secret. Even OT saints never thought of God living inside of them. They only thought of drawing near to God.

Christ swallowed up all past sin until there is no trace of sin at all.
Bad things may have happened to us. Yet, they don’t define us.
As long as we find our identification in Christ, then it doesn’t matter what the world tells us.

3 ways of identification:

1.) Find ourselves in the word of God.
Lord Jesus did that Luke 4:17-18.
It doesn’t matter genetic, personality, or environment determinism. There is ‘in Christ’ determinism.
Eph 1:4 we are not accidental. He chose us.
Col 2:9-10. We are ingrafted in Christ. Since Christ is in us, we can do anything.
In Christ the goodness of God comes to my home, business and ministrx.

2.) Identify what Christ has done for us.
There is real radical change. We even forget who we are in the past. We identify with death, burial and resurrection of Christ.
Lord Jesus is now the head, we are the body. The head is joined to the body. If Christ still reigns, we reign with Him.
When we have problems, we may run helter skelter to find a solution. However, let’s first remember our position in Christ.

3.) Confess those ‘in Christ’ promises into reality.
Confess: speaking the same as the word of God says. What God has done for us in Christ, who we are to God in Christ,
what God can do through us in Christ. Let’s be bold enough to publicly confess it. It’s a defining line between success and failure.
–  What God has done: redeemed us completely.
– Who we are to God: our body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit. Then, we believe in His word of healing.
– What God can do through us: 2 Cor 2:14. God leads us always in triumph. In Christ, we have the victory.
If there isn’t any confession, faith won’t grow. Don’t confess what the world says, we confess God’s word.

You can download Pastor Kong’s sermon here Smile

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