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Dinner After Service 29, March, 2013

Attended Easter church service with CG people last Friday.
It ended late, so we did not have many choices of dinner venue.
So we decided to go to … McDonald!

P3280001 P3280002 P3280003

Hmm, fast food once in a while is not bad, I suppose Smile with tongue out

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Pastor Zhuang’s Wedding Sermon 23, March, 2013

A sermon Pastor Zhuang preached during Susanna’s wedding last week’s Saturday.
It was an encouragement for them to have a blissful marriage life.


3 stages of marriage life:

1.) Honey moon stage
In this stage, the couple looks at each other as perfect partner.
It lasts for 9-12 months after wedding.
For example, when the couple goes on bicycle ride.
All of sudden, the husband trips and falls.
In this stage, the wife will think, “I have a cute husband.”
Then when the husband stands up again, the wife will think, “I have a macho husband.”

2.) The-party-is-over stage
At this period, the couple no longer finds each other as perfect partner.
They may feel cheated and may clash over minor issues.
Many marriages do not pass this second stage and hence end up in divorce.
Using an example above, when the husband falls, the wife will ask “Where are you looking?”

3.) Mature stage
In this stage, the couple accept each other despite imperfection.
They are willing to lay down their live for each other.

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Library Event 27, March, 2013

NTU library happened to be conducting some event in my school.
They brought some titles on science, encouraging the students to browse and borrow.
Since I was too busy, I could not be there for the main purpose.
Nevertheless, the highlight was….. free food!!!!!
One professor asked me to join the feast!! Of course, I was more than happy to help them clear the food!

P3260005 P3260008 P3260010

P3260011 P3260013 P3260014

P3260007 P3260009 P3260012

Praise the Lord!! Saved plenty $$$ again!
Smile with tongue out

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Dinner After Service 23, March, 2013

Had dinner with the lovely CG people after church service last Saturday.
Since it was crowded here and there, we decided to try Pasta Mania at Changi Airport.

P3220064 P3220065 P3220069

P3220073 P3220074 P3220076

Nice chat over nice food!
Open-mouthed smile

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Susanna’s Wedding 23, March, 2013

P3220023 P3220035 P3220037

Attended a wedding matrimony last Saturday at CHC Jurong West.
A friend in bookstore, Susanna, got married to Alex.
Am so happy for them! Congratulations, Susanna and Alex! Smile

P3220045 P3220046 P3220047

The couple with bookstore ministry members! Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile

P3220050 P3220051 P3220058 

P3220063 P3220061 P3220060

After that… lunch reception!
It was my breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Hmm, I should prepare myself to get married too!! Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out

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New Camera

My usual camera phone spoilt.
Whenever I used the camera function, the photo blurred. I could not adjust the brightness and contrast too.
That’s it. I could not take it anymore.
So, last Thursday I went to Courts to get a new camera.


Hmm,  very affordable price with just nice image quality Smile with tongue out
Shall play around with this new toy. Hope it can serve me well for at least 3 years Smile with tongue out

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CG Refreshment + Birthday Celebration 21, March, 2013

Celebrating a CG member’s birthday last night. Happy birthday, Edwin!

P3200002 P3200005 P3200012

After which, we had some yummy refreshment!

P3200013 P3200014 P3200016

Chocolate cake, egg tart and.. Dorayaki!! Doraemon’s favorite.


Fellowship session over meal! Winking smile

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