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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 22, February, 2013

John 6:28-29
Work of God: to believe in God. Everything was completed on the cross.
God created Adam on the sixth day, after everything was completed by Him.
Lord Jesus is the Alpha and Omega. He knows the end from the beginning.
To us, God only wants us to believe Him. He already knows the result.
If there is any work, we need to grow in faith. What do we need to put our faith in

1.) Believe in the great love of the Father.
There is no fear in love. Believe that God loves us.
Fear attracts failure.
Isa 41:10.
God still loves us no matter how wretched we are.

2.) Believe in the blood of Jesus.
The blood of Jesus brings the life of God into our life.
Rm 3:25.
The blood of Jesus is the liquid love that flows from the heart of God.
Remission: no sign, symptom and trace.
Isa 43:25.
God will not remember our sins.
We are in the continual state of purity. Through faith in His blood we have access to enter God’s presence.

3.) Believe in the name of Jesus.
1 John 3:23. Mark 16:17-18.
The name of Jesus brings the miracle.

4.) Believe in the lordship of Christ.
Rm 10:9.
Not only Savior, Lord Jesus is Lord. As we serve the Lord, we grow spiritually.

5.) Believe there is nothing impossible for God.
Mark 9:23.
CHC is able to do plenty things because Lord Jesus completed all on the cross.

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