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Naruto Soundtrack!!!

Another post on Naruto Soundtrack!!
Somehow I stumbled on NaBrutal FB page which basically is all about Naruto.
The administrator created this super funny video, enough to make everyone laugh and roll of the floor Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out


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Ee Mei’s Wedding 2, March, 2013

A wedding dinner of a university friend of mine, Ee Mei.
Back then, I used to be the only guy among several girls, including Ee Mei.
Our group always sat together during the class and during lunch/dinner.
Talk about being the thorn among the roses!
Last Saturday I attended the big day of hers.
It was held in Marina Bay Sands.

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Nice dinner over chat with another friend, Gwen.
My camera did not allow me to capture nice images.
Maybe one day I should get a better camera “-_-

020320135933 020320135934

Some souvenirs during the dinner.


Congratulations, Ee Mei!
Am super happy for you!

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