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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 2, March, 2013: The Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation

2 Cor 12:1-2,4. 2 Cor 5:21.
Apostle Paul ministered to the world greatly.
Even though he never met Jesus physically, he received spiritual encounter and revelation.
He called himself the man in Christ.
The 4 gospels are like photographs of redemption.
Apostle Paul’s epistles are like X-ray images of redemption.
Even though he was in prison, he wrote down the verses of triumph: we should not live by our circumstance.

Eph 1:17-23.
v17-18. Apostle Paul prays that we should be able to see beyond our circumstance into His spiritual mystery.
What revelation was he referring to?

a.) The hope of calling.
It is about redemptive revelation. It is more than just personal revelation.
We can choose to live in low calling or to press on the higher calling in God.
How to receive higher calling? To be in Christ, becoming a new creation in God.

b.) inheritance. Rm 8:17. 2 Cor 8:9.
Jesus Christ died so we inherited His blessing.
We are seated on the throne together with Lord Jesus. His righteousness becomes our righteousness

c.) Authority. v19.
Power of resurrection: it is more than just physical death, it is power to overcome the devil.
This power has no limit. It melts away all demonic power.

We should receive spirit of wisdom and revelation. What should we do to receive it?

1.) repetition of the word.  1 Cor 3:6.
Repetition is like watering the word. We should not feel bored with the same word.

2.) yieldedness to the Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit reveals truth as long as we are excited with the word.

3.) confession.
Philemon 6. Acknowledgement. Believing and speaking.

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