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God Responds to Faith, Not Need

Pastor Phil once preached this.
”God responds to faith. God does not respond to need.
God won’t bless you just because you need it.”

Somehow, this statement was repeated again during BS class last Saturday by the teacher.

How true that is!
When Lord Jesus walked on the earth, He healed many people.
Sometimes the Bible only gives the summary: He healed them all.
However, when the Bible gives more detail, there is one common denominator: faith.
Lord Jesus healed the sick because of their faith: “Your faith has made you well.”
In one occasion, Lord Jesus healed a paralytic (being let down from the house roof) because He saw faith in his friends.

God blessed Abraham with a son not because Abraham needed a son.
It was because Abraham had faith he would have a son.

Are we now in difficult situation?
Do we need a solution?
Let’s keep our faith up then. God will surely move on our behalf.

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