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Pastor Phil Pringle’s Sermon 6, April, 2013: The Turn Around

Rm 8:28
God is famous in turning the tables as long as the people reach out to God.
City Harvest is undoubtedly called in God and loves God. All things work for good.
They may not be good. However, they work for good.

“Jesus is Lord” is great.
However, we should submit to Him “Jesus is my Lord”.
At times, we do not submit because we don’t want Lord Jesus to change our plan.

Heb 13:5 Gen 50:20
The world means it for evil but God turns it around for good.
It doesn’t matter how bad the situation is.
Like Esther, God can arrange coincidence after coincidence to turn the situation around.

Keep faith attitude even in bad situation

You can download his sermon here:

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